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John Silver has the cutest surprise in the world for the Dark Order

The Dark Order is in a rough patch. Once a thriving band of misfits, their numbers have dwindled down to three. Evil Uno, Alex Reynolds, and John Silver needed a pick up to improve their mood, and Johnny Hungee had the cutest surprise in the world to boost morale on Being the Elite.

The Dark Order trio lamented Hangman Page’s decision to head back to the Elite. They even took a shot at the Hung Bucks name. They’ve seen Hangman’s johnson. It is better than theirs, but it’s not that impressive. The Dark Order may have lost Stu Grayson to the Righteous. Preston Vance and Anna Jay have gone their own way as death match wrestlers. They even dropped an Alan Angels reference, who is currently in the Design faction in Impact. Reynolds hasn’t seen Colt Cabana for months, but Uno revealed that he’s been ignoring Colt’s text messages. It was a very sad moment for the group.

Silver had just the thing for the boys. Enter Maki Itoh! The Dark Order jumped in jubilation to celebrate the return of the cutest in the world. Right when Silver said that she would never leave, Itoh said that she had to leave. “Bye, motherfuckers!”

“Spend It Now, Make More Later” - Being The Elite Ep. 351 revolved around the Elite preparing for their lucrative second chance contract endorsement deal choosing between Chili’s or Wendy’s. The Young Bucks and Hangman Page dreamed up spending big money. Matt Jackson is installing a backyard pool, with a cameo of his son as the only laborer, and bidding to buy Hulk Hogan’s Harley Davidson motorcycle. Nick Jackson bought a vacation home in Palm Springs. Hangman had dreams of improving his front yard with fancy trees and buying an upside down frozen yogurt store. Nick and Hangman are trusting Matt not to blow the deal.

Here is the full episode for you viewing pleasure. The Dark Order scene starts at 6:50.

Would you like to see Maki Itoh join the Dark Order in AEW?

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