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Andrade lobbies for a hard AEW roster split

AEW on TNT’s Twitter

His boss just said he wasn’t going to draw “any hard lines” between the rosters for AEW Dynamite and Collision, but that hasn’t quelled interest in reports that Tony Khan would institute his version of a brand split when the new Saturday show premieres this weekend.

One of the names that’s been promoted for Collision is Andrade El Ídolo. Like other wrestlers tied to the June 17 debuting series, Andrade’s had issues in the past with talent rumored for Dynamite in a theoretical split.

That split is something Andrade is in favor of, as he told Please Steal Our Ideas: A Wrestling Podcast when they asked him if Collision would have its own roster. In fact, the Mexican star would go so far as to introduce new a new World championship for Saturday nights:

“I don’t know yet, but I hope separate. I hope [AEW] make a new title. Maybe separate the brands like it’s another company. I hope that Dynamite, the roster, and the talent, Collision, this new brand for AEW, I wish separate. I don’t know yet.”

He reiterated his desire for new belts later in the interview:

“I wish. I hope so, too because this is a new brand. We need new goals. If we have different titles, it’s good because you can compete for the title.”

Andrade, who’s been sideline since last fall with a torn pec (which he also spoke about during his Please Steal Our Ideas appearance) wasn’t worried when asked if a something like a Collision World title would diminish or distract from MJF’s reign:

“I think it’s good. I love the idea because this is more opportunities for the roster, more storylines for the titles. I think maybe in the future, or maybe soon, [new titles] is a good idea. I hope the office or the writers [hear this]. Yeah, 100%. We need a new title.”

Based on Tony Khan’s recent remarks, it seems unlikely this will happen. But we’ll find out more on or by Saturday night.

Do you want AEW to institute a hard roster split? Should the show have its own championship or championships?

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