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It was Kenny Omega’s turn to dunk on Disco Inferno

Before AEW was even founded, Glenn “Disco Inferno” Gilbertti was using the wrestlers who would start that company with Tony Khan as examples of what he sees as dangerous trends in pro wrestling.

Believing his criticisms to not be in good faith, from time to time those wrestlers have fired back at Gilbertti. Cody Rhodes did it back in 2018 when he tweeted, “You know nothing. You have drawn 0 dollars. No fan has ever left a show thinking about you. You were lucky to be a juiced up double-lifer ‘over with the boys’ type in an era where you hid in plain sight coasting on others’ success. Couldn’t hang then, can’t get booked now.”

That was followed by Eddie Kingston, who fired off this (since deleted) classic last year when Disco chimed in about his issues with Sammy Guevara: “You never did the work and the boys kept you around to laugh at you. I remember hearing the story where big show farted in your face. You ain’t a man.”

Kenny Omega was tagged in Gilbertti’s latest bit of concern trolling, this time over a three month old clip from Japanese women’s promotion Stardom.

I’m no expert, but the spot in question is a front bump onto what appears to be a section of the floor with extra padding. In other words, it doesn’t seem much more “potentially deadly” than several we see every week on television. There absolutely is a discussion to be had about whether moves like this should be saved for big moments to both keep them special and better protect wrestler health, but it seems more like Disco is looking to score some quick internet points than start that dialogue.

As to whether the AZM/Hazuki was a match that warranted La Mistica off the apron? It was those joshi’s showcase match before challenging Mercedes Moné for the IWGP Women’s title, so they’d certainly argue it was worth it. But Gilbertti wouldn’t know that, as his response to a fan made clear:

Which, again, it’s okay not to know those — but it’s not a great look if you’re using one of them to make a larger point about safety. And that’s where Kenneth by gawd Omega comes in, calling back to Kingston’s tweet for his turn shutting Disco down:

Maybe dunking on Disco Inferno about how Big Show used to fart in his face in WCW is what can finally bring the AEW locker room together?

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