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Chris Jericho says Sting match will ‘never happen’

The AEW star says that particular dream match will ‘never happen’, but we’re not sure we believe him.

All Elite Wrestling

Chris Jericho was interacting with fans on Twitter last night (June 11), and took the opportunity to shoot down one person’s WCW fantasy booking suggestion...

It’s interesting timing, seeing as Sting has been openly talking about retirement. The 64 year old Icon has also been mentioned in reports about a retirement match or show for another WCW legend mentioned in the message Jericho quote-tweeted, Goldberg. Kind of makes you think Chris might be bringing it up to build anticipation, which he’d want to do if it was being discussed behind-the-scenes.

It also runs contrary to past Jericho comments, like this tweet from shortly after Sting arrived in AEW...

... or this quote from the AEW Unrestricted podcast last September (h/t

“Whenever there’s a Sting-Jericho match which there has to be because Sting and I have never been in the ring together ever, except for when Keith Mitchell retired and we had that after-ceremony. Never been in the same ring ever. Ever, ever, ever. There has to be a Sting and Jericho match in whatever way we decide it and that would be a great time for ‘Painmaker’.”

And also because, you know, you should never trust a pro wrestler.

Do you think we’ll see Sting and Chris Jericho on opposite sides of the ring from each other someday soon?

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