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Kevin Nash uses Jade Cargill to point out AEW’s biggest problem

All Elite Wrestling

On the latest episode of his Kliq This podcast, Kevin Nash offered the following diagnosis of the biggest problem with All Elite Wrestling:

“The biggest problem AEW has is they don’t run house shows, and their talent doesn’t get enough ring time. That’s their biggest problem.”

AEW does run house shows, but the infrequent and irregular scheduling of those shows doesn’t take away from the core point made by Nash.

He specifically highlights Jade Cargill as a wrestler who needs more ring time:

“She’s got an amazing look, but if it was my company, and she was my prospect, I would have her twice a week as part of her deal, somewhere at a Gracie jiu-jitsu place, learning how to be a fucking legitimate jiu-jitsu fucking artist. Because then that way there, she’s just a machine. She becomes Brock [Lesnar].”

Nash continues on:

“She’s not improving. Her offense isn’t improving. Her punches aren’t improving, because she doesn’t get enough ring time. So what you have to do is you have to expand her horizons, and make her even more formidable by giving her an actual mixed martial arts skill.”

It’s worth noting that Nash admitted in March he formed a pact to stop watching AEW and was checked out of the product for months. Also, when he said the names Jade Cargill and Sammy Guevara during this discussion, it sounded to my ears like he botched their names pretty badly and said something more like ‘Jade Cardell’ and ‘Sammy Guzzaro.’ In other words, it’s very possible that Nash is out of touch with AEW’s product and doesn’t have his finger on the pulse of what’s going on.

What do you think? Does AEW need to pick up the pace with house shows to get their younger wrestlers more experience? Does the roster need more fucking legitimate jiu-jitsu fucking artists? Or are there much bigger problems on Tony Khan’s plate at the moment?

Give us your thoughts in the comments below, Cagesiders.

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