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Being The Elite recap (May 8, 2023): Secret Secret I’ve Got a Secret

Episode 346 of Being The Elite is in the books! If you missed the original broadcast, it’s right above you (or click here)!

Last time salty snacks were a major plot point, but the title of this episode teases an even bigger “secret” in store... or maybe that’s just a joke because you never know with BTE. Let’s find out together!

Previously on BTE, Dark Order came into The Elite’s private locker room to stir up some drama and make them wonder who was loyal to who. This week opens with a teaser of John Silver, Alex Reynolds and Evil Uno leaving said locker room. This leads to Kenny Omega confronting Matt Jackson. “I would never lie to you. Would +never+ lie to you. The question is would you do me the same kindness?” Matt: “Hey. I... listen... I...” and before he can finish cue the BTE theme song.

This leads to another airplane/airport montage and then we see Kenny Omega sitting under a sign that says “Invest In Yourself” with an IV drip in his arm. I don’t know which match this was after but it doesn’t surprise me with how hard he works (and how many ailments he has had) if he needed a boost. Omega: “You can’t fight time, but hey you can set the hands back, as long as you take care of yourself with the right scientific equipment.”

Then we switch to a behind the scenes look at Omega and Don Callis doing a backstage interview where Callis proclaims Omega “the only diamond in the business.” From here we get another segment of Dark Order getting into Omega’s business, with John Silver saying they knocked on his door many times and he doesn’t know why Omega didn’t hear it. Reynolds says they have something to tell him. Omega: “Alosersaywhat?” Silver: “What?” Oldest gag in the book. Reynolds: “We have bad news. There’s something Matt has been keeping from you.” Omega: “Matt who?” Reynolds: “Jackson.” Omega: “My Matt? What would he possible keep from me? No fuck off. Fuck right off. He wouldn’t keep shit from me.” He says he’ll hear them out but he wants to have a drink first.

Reynolds: “Matt ate the last of the peanut butter cheesecake in catering. He didn’t even tell you about it.” Omega: “We had peanut butter cheesecake?” Silver: “Oh you didn’t even know?” Omega: “Why didn’t anybody tell me? Do you have any proof of this? Where’s the God damn paper trail? Let me at him!” He tries to charge out of the room and Dark Order hold him back. If you didn’t know this was all being played for comedy, it’s abundantly clear when he throws down a chair with the lightest touch possible and kicks it with less force than Orange Cassidy attacking someone’s shins.

Omega: “No one holds me back when I’m this mad. Now I’m pissed. Aw shit!” The Dark Order egg him on and Omega vows to confront Matt. They tell him to check his breath for the smell. “If I have to lick his tongue I’ll lick his tongue. Clearly Matt isn’t the friend that I thought he was.” Cue a non-PG joke about how there’s a friend hole in Omega’s life and Dark Order can fill that hole... all three at once. Omega: “It’s been a while since anybody has offered to fill my holes.” He finally kicks them out and we see Matt and Nick walking in... well not for long. Omega kicks Nick out so he can talk directly to Matt.

This takes us full circle to the teaser to open BTE where Omega asks Matt if he’d ever lie to him. Matt: “Hey. I... listen... I...” and Omega says he’s going to ask him to be a man. “Be a real he/him if you weillll. Is there maybe something that oh I don’t know um something that I cared about so very deeply and would really shake me to my gosh darn core if you kept it from me?” Matt says it’s been eating him up inside. Omega asks him why he didn’t have the balls to say it to him. Matt: “Just get it out of your system. Just punch me right here in the frickin’ face.” Kenny offers him a knuckle sandwich as says he hope it tastes as good as the peanut butter cheesecake Matt never told him about. Matt realizes what he’s talking about and shows a sign of relief then quickly goes back to cowering to cover it up. “I effed up Kenny. Okay? I effed up. It won’t happen again okay?” Omega forgives him but kicks him out anyway. “You best not hide anything from me ever again boy. So help me God.”

Cue a promo from Ryan Nemeth promoting that the Nemeth brothers are doing Hunkamania in Las Vegas on May 27th. Magicians, comedy, a rap from Max Caster, and it’s all the night before Double or Nothing. Camera person: “Is your brother going to be there?” Nemeth: “Of course. It’s the Nemeth Bros presents. Ryan Nemeth and Dolph Ziggler are presenting the whole thing.” Again being played for comedy — he’s saying his brother is “presenting” the show without actually saying Ziggler will be there, which one can reasonably assume WWE wouldn’t want. The camera person doesn’t believe Nemeth for that reason and wants assurances he’ll be there so he can get a picture with Ziggler.

Back to the Iron Savages, who are with Posed Malone for an arm wrestling contest, but they each have to do a shot of creatine first. There’s really not much to say for this segment other than if you like double entendre jokes about “busting” while meaty men are slapping their man meat together the way Big E likes. Then we go to everybody waiting in the car for Brandon Cutler because he’s late and they need to catch a flight. That’s a joke too but kind of not? Airports are hell. Never be late, always be early. Eventually the Bucks get out of the car to go in the hotel and track him down. The nice gentleman at the front desk calls his room to wake him up. They ruthlessly mock him for his “sheepish grin” as he finally arrives.

The episode closes with them leaving Vegas and heading to Baltimore on their way back home. The camera man says they were advertised for a segment on Dynamite we’ll never even got. At least that happens less often than on a typical episode of Raw. Cue bonus footage of Omega freaking out about the cheesecake before breaking up in laughter at his antics, and the Young Bucks singing their outro animation as usual.

Closing thoughts

This episode was nearly three times as long as last week, but didn’t have anything as historically important as the last appearance of Leva Bates in AEW. The gag with Konosuke Takeshita saying The Bloodline had a better wrestling story than The Elite was funnier than anything this week, although the cameraman being more interested in Dolph Ziggler than Ryan Nemeth was worth a chuckle. Omega clearly enjoys being a ham and the fun of BTE is when he gets to over act and overreact to things like cheesecake. Watch it for that!

Cageside commentary crew! Let me know your thoughts on Being The Elite in the comments section below. We’ll see you back here in seven days for another episode with The, Elite, The The, Elite.

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