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Chris Jericho claims he was ‘mentally and physically assaulted’ by security in Vegas

AEW’s Chris Jericho had a gig with his band Fozzy at the Hard Rock Cafe in Las Vegas yesterday (May 7), but it seems he spent some time at Mandalay Bay.

How do we know? Jericho tweeted this morning about what seems to have been a really horrible experience trying to get bags the hotel/casino was holding for him:

That’s currently Jericho’s pinned tweet on his timeline, which is either a sign he’s serious about wanting a response from Mandalay Bay management, is really enjoying all the “They just made The List” jokes in the replies*, or he knows he’s getting a ton of headlines on sites like this one because of it. Or maybe all three.

We can’t know the Ayatollah of Rock ‘n’ Rolla’s motives here. What we do know is that Jericho never hesitates to tell his 3.5 million followers when he’s getting crappy customer service...

It’s not just something he’s recently figured out, either...

It must bring results. It definitely brings “Karen Jericho” jokes.

Feel free to weigh in below, and join us in hoping Chris is okay after what sounds like a downright traumatizing experience on the Vegas Strip.

* I much prefer this photoshopped image of Adam Cole as a security guard, myself.

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