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Taya Valkyrie is suspended by AEW

Taya Valkyrie challenged Jade Cargill for the TBS championship on last week’s (Apr. 26) episode of Dynamite. For some reason, Valkyrie agreed to a stipulation that she would be disqualified if she used her Road to Valhalla finisher. Taya’s inability to use her most devastating move bit her in the ass, leading to yet another win for the undefeated Cargill.

Valkyrie snapped after the match, and at one point lifted AEW Referee Aubrey Edwards up in the air in position for the Road to Valhalla. However, other AEW officials quickly hit the ring and pulled Aubrey to safety.

Even though Aubrey was not harmed, Taya still crossed the line by putting her hands on an AEW official. That led to the announcement on tonight’s (May 5) episode of Rampage that Valkyrie has been suspended by AEW for her actions.

With Valkyrie not around tonight due to suspension, Cargill was left with a jobber opponent named Gia Scott. It was one of the quickest wins yet for Cargill, whose undefeated record now stands at 57-0.

While discussing Taya’s suspension, the AEW commentators made it sound like the feud between Cargill and Valkyrie is not over yet. Double or Nothing is a few weeks away, so there is still a chance for a rematch if Taya is reinstated from suspension before May 27.

Are you looking forward to a championship rematch between Jade Cargill and Taya Valkyrie? Give us your thoughts in the comments below, Cagesiders.

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