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The Firm is deleted at the Hardy Compound (UPDATED)

Update: The Firm Deletion match that aired on AEW Rampage was edited for time, so Matt Hardy has posted this link to the unedited Director’s Cut, which runs nearly 21 minutes in length. Be sure to check it out if you want to see the full match!

The original post is below this line.

The main event of tonight’s (May 5) episode of Rampage was The Firm Deletion. This was the latest cinematic match at the Hardy Compound. It’s technically a four on four match, with The Hardys, HOOK, and Isiah Kassidy taking on Big Bill, Stokely Hathaway, Ethan Page, and Lee Moriarty.

The bout kicked off in typical wacky fashion, with Matt’s drone welcoming the heels to the Compound with a broken message before altering the space time continuum to instantly go from day to night.

Violence in the woods ensued, with Big Bill doing most of the heavy lifting for The Firm. He smashed Isiah Kassidy into a tree over and over again, potentially taking him out for good. But Jeff managed to subdue Big by choking him out with a branch.

Meanwhile, Stokely spent most of his time at The Compound being stalked by Matt’s children:

The heels tried to do the unthinkable by pouring gasoline all over The Hardys in an attempt to burn them to deletion, but Isiah Kassidy’s broken form appeared and made the save with a crazy swanton bomb off the Deletion Dome:

Back inside the ring, Stokely was taken out by Reba and Maxel:

And that left Ethan Page all by himself, surrounded by the four babyfaces in the ring. They hit all their finishers to put him away for the three count. Just like that, The Firm has been deleted.

What did you think of The Firm Deletion, Cagesiders?

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