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AEW roster split plans said to be in flux as backstage issues remain unresolved

All Elite Wrestling

We’re just six weeks from the rumored mid-June launch of Collision, the new show that’s reportedly coming to TNT on Saturday nights. We’ve seen a few signs like the end of Dark and Elevation, but AEW and their partners at Warner Bros Discovery have yet to make an official announcement.

It’s not clear that this is the cause of any hold-up, but the new Wrestling Observer Newsletter claims Tony Khan & team are still working out how the new series will be used to keep CM Punk separated from The Elite and others in the AEW locker room who still have issues with him, or vice versa.

Dave Meltzer’s update says AEW isn’t planning for their two main shows to have totally dedicated rosters. He mentions that the women’s division essentially wouldn’t be split. He also writes that Punk won’t strictly appear on Collision — but when he’s on Dynamite, several prominent names won’t be.

The updated plan, and this will possibly change a few times, is that there will be less of a hard roster split as previously told to people who do know about it. The thought is that the split will not be hard at all with the women as they don’t believe there is enough star power to do a hard split.

Punk will be the star of Collision most weeks, but he will be on Dynamite at times when needed. Those with unresolved issues with Punk would be on Collision the week he’s on Dynamite. The idea is to get people to resolve issues but that hasn’t happened yet nor has there been any notable progress.

Which sounds pretty chaotic, and like it could be a bit of a booking and logistical headache. But perhaps there still could be some progress made toward peace between folks like Kenny Omega, The Young Bucks, Hangman Page & Jon Moxley and Punk?

The meeting with Chris Jericho went well, or so we heard. And there are still six weeks before Collision’s reported June 17 debut...

Keep hope alive.

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