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Sting’s back, and Orange Cassidy’s International title reign may be in trouble

How are these things related? Read on to find out!

Darby Allin & Orange Cassidy have wrestled a handful of tag matches lately (only one televised one, but they’ve paired up a couple other times on ‘House Rules’ shows). They did so again on the May 31 Dynamite, going up against Gates of Agony.

They won, which shouldn’t be a huge surprise considering OC is in the midst of a long International championship reign and Darby just challenged MJF for the World title at Double or Nothing this past Sunday night, while their opponents Bishop Kaun & Toa Liona are primarily a Ring of Honor act. But Kaun & Liona are members of The Embassy, which is also the group Swerve Strickland is currently affiliated with.

Strickland was the last man Cassidy eliminated to retain his belt in Double or Nothing’s Blackjack Battle Royal. He also pinned Orange’s pal Trent Beretta in a Triple Threat earlier in the show, and has a ton of history with Allin. So after the good guys beat Gates of Agony, he made his way out to play the numbers game against his two rivals.

Somebody had OC & Darby’s backs, though. And that someone was Sting!

We haven’t seen the 64 year old Hall of Famer in several weeks, as he took himself out of the picture so Allin could deal with his fellow Pillars and their World title match on his own. Before he left, he also hinted that Showtime was almost over for one of wrestling’s most iconic performers.

There weren’t any signs of what’s next for the Stinger, or Allin for that matter. But we do know that Cassidy will have to defend his International title against Strickland next Wednesday on Dynamite — and this might be his toughest challenge yet.

Primarily, that’s because a lot of Orange’s defenses haven’t come with as much story behind them as this one has. With an actual build and rivalry, it feels more likely AEW could do a change on June 6. Strickland also has The Embassy on his side, which means not only Gates of Agony, but Prince Nana & Brian Cage, too.

Best Friends will have his back, but he just might need Sting & Darby’s help too if he’s going to keep the International title.

Or maybe Keith Lee could show up to finally deal with the tag partner who betrayed him?

Guess we’ll just have to tune in next Wednesday to find out. Swerve’s title shot will happen on the June 6 Dynamite, along with the latest clash between Ricky Starks and Jay White, this one with FTR & Juice Robinson all banned from ringside.

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