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MJF can’t scheme his way out of Pillar 4Way at Double Or Nothing

Heading into the Four Pillars tag match on the May 3 episode of Dynamite, AEW World champion Maxwell Jacob Friedman was busy trying to ensure he & Sammy Guevara won to keep their match at Double of Nothing a singles affair. If Darby Allin & Jungle Boy Jack Perry won, the PPV main event would be a 4Way.

For starters, MJF had to keep Guevara on his side. Sammy was bristling over Friedman refusing to give him a ride from the aren last week, which could have not only threatened their team-up tonight, but the Spanish God’s promise to lay down for Max in Vegas on May 28. He bluffed his way through that...

Then he isolated Perry to make a pitch he probably knew was destined to fail. But even when MJF’s closed door pitch to Jack about securing a spot “next to the throne” was rejected, it still succeeded in making Darby mistrust his partner more than ever.

That scheming wasn’t a major factor in the champ & his partner keeping Darby isolated for the majority of the tag match, but it looked Friedman would get the result he wanted anyway. After turning some of the heels dirty tricks against them...

... Allin finally reached his corner for a tag of the hot variety...

Numerous false finishes and nearfalls followed, but issues between partners doomed one team. But not the issues or partners Max meant to stir up. The champ & Guevara both wanted to be the one to end the match, and after a couple rounds of stolen covers and blind tags, they got to jawing. Sammy didn’t like that, and superkicked his “friend” and benefactor in the face.

That left Guevara all alone. Jungle Boy looked like he was going to get the pin after a flurry of offense, but a blind tag from Allin set the stage for a Coffin Drop. Darby would have taken out Jack too if he had to, but settled for just staring holes through his partner while referee Bryce Remsburg counted three.

A furious MJF left the arena as the big screen in Baltimore showed the Four Pillars World title match as official for Double Or Nothing.

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