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Mark Sterling demands financial compensation from Taya Valkyrie for violent property damage

Lesson for Mark Sterling: Don’t get on Taya Valkyrie’s bad side. She’s called La Wera Loca for a reason. Sterling found that out the hard way.

Taya lost the TBS Championship bout to Jade Cargill due to the dubious stipulation of banning her from using the Road to Valhalla finisher (aka Jaded). After the champ’s victory, Sterling and Leila Grey entered the ring to celebrate. Taya shoved Sterling into the corner, and that leads us to the catastrophic wardrobe malfunction from Smart Mark.

The lawyer man split his pants.

Sterling demanded financial compensation for his loss. He sent an invoice to Slamtown Manor for Taya and John Morrison. Sterling claims his pants had a price of $1,000. Surely emotional suffering was included to pad the bill.

Sterling even offered to represent referee Aubrey Edwards in case she split her britches as well.

The Shaman of Sexy issued a response.

Morrison does have a point about fashionably efficient pants. May I suggest that Sterling load up on Chuck Norris action jeans?

Sterling better beware, because Taya is out for mayhem.

This seems like a matter destined for wrestler’s court.

If you were Judge Wapner residing over this case, who would you favor in your ruling?

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