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Chris Jericho has a cool name in his latest movie role

Chris Jericho is venturing on to a new movie project, where he is cast as a father, ranch owner, and rock star all rolled into one. The character’s name is a doozy and feels very Jericho-esque.

Jericho will be starring in the film Country Heart in the role of Bones Jamieson.

I can’t lie. The name Bones Jamieson does pique my interest. It’s no Snake Plissken, but it is a pretty cool moniker.

The plot of Country Hearts is described as, “The daughters of country music and rock & roll royalty who find themselves at a crossroads, torn between following their dreams of performing or helping their father run their up-and-coming horse breeding business. Between old flames, new love, best friends and family – they’ll all need the strength of each other to face the next steps.”

Jericho gave a statement to Variety, “After playing evil priests, insane asylum security chiefs, redneck social media whistle blowers and cult leaders, I jumped at the chance to play a nice guy for once in Country Hearts! I was able to flex my acting chops and my character range in these movies and it was a blast to play Bones Jamieson…father, ranch owner and rock star…which basically mirrors me in real life!”

Country Hearts also stars Lanie McAuley, Katerina Maria, Brendan Morgan, Jeff Irving, Craig Strickland, David Pinard, Michelle Nolden, Genevieve Fisher, Roy Lewis, Lara Amersey, Greg Ellwand, Bebsabe Duque, Celine Bauwmans and Neil Whitely. I don’t recognize any of those actors, but I’m sure they’ll all be demanding to join the Jericho Appreciation Society once spending time with Le Champion.

The movie is in pre-production to air on UPtv in the fall. The sequel Country Hearts Christmas has already been greenlit. Here’s to hoping Daddy Magic’s nipples receive a cameo in the sequel.

UPtv proclaims itself to be, “the trusted network for adults seeking positive programming with relatable stories of love, laughter and relationships.” May the Demo God work his magic.

Will you be tuning in to Country Hearts? Where does Bones Jamieson rank on your list of favorite movie character names?

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