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Report: AEW Dark & Elevation ended as part of deal with WBD for Collision

AEW’s YouTube

After signs that Elevation was finished with last week’s “best of” episode, this week we didn’t get new editions of that show or AEW’s original YouTube series, Dark.

It wasn’t too hard to guess why. With reports of a new, two hour show believed to be called Collision coming to TNT on Saturdays, an increased house show schedule, and Ring of Honor’s weekly streaming show already offering up the kind of matches fans associate with “the Darks” — Tony Khan has plenty of places to run tryout matches, and get reps for members of the roster not currently in storylines on television.

But the latest from Mat Men’s Andrew Zarian indicates a different, Collision-related reason for the end (at least for now) of Dark and Elevation. He tweeted:

AEW Dark and Dark Elevation have ended for the time being. This in part has to do with AEW signing a new deal for AEW Collision to air on Saturdays. Part of the new deal is that AEW Wrestling content will exclusively air on WBD. As of today, this doesn’t include ROH.

There’s been no announcement from AEW about the status of the two online shows, or the arrival of the Saturday night show. It’s possibly Khan wants to announce them together, and may be holding the Collision news for reasons related to the man who is rumored to be the star of that series — CM Punk.

Stay tuned. But not to AEW’s YouTube channel on Monday and Tuesday nights, apparently.

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