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Being The Elite recap (May 1, 2023): Cheese Puffs

Episode 345 of Being The Elite is in the books! If you missed the original broadcast click here for the stream. It appears last week’s episode of Elevation may indeed have been the finale, even though no formal announcement of this was made by AEW to the viewers. Either way with no new episode of that or Dark this week, as recapper/reviewer of those shows I decided to do something else — like watch and discuss the always enjoyable BTE!

Konosuke Takeshita is listening to Matt Jackson ramble endlessly about Hangman Page and all of their drama with him — are they friends, are they enemies, are they frenemies or what? He sighs and Jackson asks him “Hey are... are you like, you bored or something?” Takeshita: “Sorry Matt. I don’t speak too much English.” Jackson is confused because he was sure Takeshita understood him last week. “You know what? Never mind.” Nick walks in and asks him if this is the best story in wrestling history. “It’s okay. It’s okay. The Bloodline? Much better.”

At the airport in Fort Lauderdale, Matt and Nick are making fun of people waiting at the arrival gate to get autographs. They get the “house show signature” — Matt Jackson says if you see “Matt J” with a line on eBay that’s where it comes from. He even demonstrates the quick and dirty way he does it. I’m going to assume since the people being filmed probably signed a waiver they got a real autograph off camera. Then we get a skit with the Iron Savages and their new manager promise to take the world by storm.

We go next to a shot of the Young Bucks in Sunrise, Florida complaining about the lack of sun — it’s cloudy and nothing but rain. They’re staying at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino though, which prompts the editor to insert a flashback of Masa from episode 37. They’re trying to decide how to describe Takeshita — they settle on calling him an “honorary member.” Let’s hope that moves to him being a full fledged member of The Elite before long.

Next up we’ve got a “confessional” where Leva Bates confesses that she’s been having impure thoughts about somebody other than her husband Peter Avalon because he hasn’t been around for two months. She even says she wouldn’t mind “freshly squeezing” Orange Cassidy or getting together with at least four members of The Elite. The list is so long that eventually the priest goes to sleep. Wait a minute — Leva Bates and Peter Avalon are married IRL? If so that would make this news incredible weird.

Meanwhile Ryan Nemeth is doing his “Hollywood Hunk” modeling thing. There’s a gag that involves him “walking funny” even though he’s standing perfectly still, and the photographer tells him that he’s not doing what she needs as a result and cancels the shoot. Since he didn’t get to finish I’ll do him a solid here.

Dark Order interrupt the Young Bucks. Uno, Silver and Reynolds say that things have been a little tense — and maybe they’re better friends with some people than they are. “We know how close all of you guys are. Just open and honest with each other. Never keeping secrets.” They seem to be planting seeds of doubt about who will be on their side going forward. “If you don’t tell him, I will.” Then we get a long montage of an AEW backpack that has... something in it.

I’m honestly surprised. Not by the backpack, but by the fact the casino had no problem with them filming the backpack being walked through it. Most casinos frown on you filming inside. The walking continues all the way through the Hard Rock to the hotel room with ominous music playing the whole time. The curtains are closed, the backpack is finally opened... and it’s full of cheese puffs. Before the episode ends Kenny Omega is told that Takeshita thinks there’s a better story in pro wrestling than theirs. “That’s okay, we’re still second best. Third? I believe their story. I don’t believe a word of...” and everybody breaks up laughing. That’s how 345 ends!

Closing thoughts

It’s always a dance with BTE as to how much is just for their own amusement and how much will actually factor into TV storylines. Seeing Takeshita be used prominently is a plus and feels like it’s going somewhere. Teasing Adam Page’s potential disloyalty also plays into future television. The gags with Nemeth and Bates? Well no, especially since the latter’s contract just expired. It’s a shame because she was very underutilized in the promotion anyway. A fun episode though and very easy to watch at under a half hour.

Cageside commentary crew! Let me know your thoughts on Being The Elite in the comments section below.

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