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Acclaimed lose, but also win thanks to Max Caster’s Dominik Mysterio bar on Buddy Matthews

It’s not clear why AEW tried to be mysterious about who would answer House of Black’s Trios title open challenge at Double or Nothing on May 28 in Las Vegas, since The Acclaimed announced their intention to just two nights ago on Rampage.

But who cares, since it gave us one of Platinum Max Caster’s better entrance raps in a while, complete with a line about one of WWE’s most hated heels and his relationship with House of Black’s Buddy Matthews real life girlfriend Rhea Ripley.

Platimum on the mic, are you not entertained
In Vegas, everybody loves The Acclaimed
We leaving Brody King in a sad place
Looking like a reject from RuPaul’s Drag Race
Yo, that might have been in a bad taste
But how does Malakai get away with doing blackface?
And Buddy acts all ominous
When he’s getting cucked by a kid named Dominik
We’ll have you on your back in five minutes
How’s it House of Black with no Black guys in it?
And you can keep the advantage,
We don’t need a special rule to beat your emo asses

The match? It was fun. Anthony Bowens fought from underneath, Billy Gunn got a hot tag, and Malakai Black ended it with Black Mass.

That Dom Dom & Mami bar, though...

UPDATE: Ripley has responded. Very, very well. More on that here.

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