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AEW Double or Nothing 2023 results: MJF uses every trick in the book to beat fellow Pillars

Each of the Four Pillars got a big entrance for the World title match at AEW Double or Nothing on May 28, but only Sammy Guevara got to announce that he’s about to be a father.

That came after Jungle Boy Jack Perry’s usual singalong, and it was followed by a Darby Allin skit from an Elvis wedding chapel. Finally, we saw champion Maxwell Jacob Friedman descending from the heavens like a god.

Once the bell rang, the action was as hot as the entrances. Each man paid tribute to their AEW mentor, including Friedman with Cody Rhodes’ finisher!

And during a spot where Allin & Perry were out of it on the floor, MJF tried again to pay Guevara to lay down for him — this time appealing to him as a soon-to-be-father. Sammy agreed, but it was ruse. And it almost worked!

That was followed by a fun sequence where the Pillars tried submissions on each other, including all of them in a circle.

And the fun kept on coming with spots like this one, where a Darby/Sammy Spanish Fly crashed onto Max & Jack on the floor.

Everyone continued to get chances to shine from there, with a Chris Candido-inspired super powerbomb from MJF onto Allin becoming a key spot. That’s because Friedman spent the next several minutes selling an arm injury from landing the move...

...which eventually covered for his pulling the Dynamite Diamond Ring from his trunks. Darby stopped him from using it with a skateboard shot, but Max had other weapons at his disposal... like the Big Burberry Belt.

Perry got it from him and thought about using it, but stuck to his vow to win the right way or not at all. MJF recovered it and laid it over Jungle Boy while Allin was setting up for the Coffin Drop.

Hitting the move on the title left Darby prone, and Max used the side headlock takeover he’s used to beat Allin in the past to add insult to injury before covering for three.

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