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AEW Double or Nothing 2023 results, live streaming match coverage

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All Elite Wrestling

All Elite Wrestling returns to pay-per-view TONIGHT (Sun., May 28, 2023) with Double or Nothing. The show comes our way from the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas at 8pm ET.

A Buy In pre-show will stream live and free starting at 7:00 p.m. Eastern / 4:00 p.m. Pacific on All Elite’s YouTube channel, Bleacher Report, and right here at Cageside Seats.

In the U.S. & Canada, the main card is available at Bleacher Report, and via cable & satellite providers for $49.99. Internationally, it’s $19.99 on

We’ll have predictions from the staff for every match here, and a preview for the entire show here.

Cageside Seats will provide LIVE match-by-match coverage of Double or Nothing below, beginning with the first match of the evening and right on through to the main event.

Kick your off your shoes, relax, and enjoy all the action with your favorite pro wrestling website. And remember to keep refreshing!



Clouds pass over the moon like an eye that shows impending doom. Tension in this misty air, souls pass into the room drawn in by a lost memory. You will join them in the moonlight, but me? I’m just here to liveblog this here pro wrestling show.

Ass Boys (Austin & Colten Gunn) & “All Ego” Ethan Page vs. Hardy Boyz (Jeff & Matt Hardy) & HOOK

Austin and HOOK to start, Gunn working a wristlock, reversed, shoulder block, crotch chop, HOOK catches him with a waistlock takedown, armbar, into the corner tag to Matt. Off the second, overhead elbow, hammering him with shoulder armbreakers, tag to Jeff, double-team for a nearfall!

Quick tags, working Austin over, heels try to bail but the babyfaces cut them off and the match breaks down. Back inside, tripping HOOK up, tag to Colten. Working HOOK over, quick tags, he sidesteps a charge and Austin eats the post hard! All Ego throws him back inside for a tag, HOOK catches him with an imploding pumphandle slam and tags are made!

Matt working Colten over, smashing his face into the tunrnbuckles over and over, Side Effect for Austin, whip reversed, one for Colten as well! One for Page to boot, diving elbow on Colten... NOPE! Isaiah Cassidy gets laid out on the floor in his neck brace, hurting, and Matt goes to check on him and gets cut off on his return to the ring.

Mounted punches from All Ego, Hardy creates some separation, sends Colten to the floor, sidesteps a second attack from Asutin, crawling but HOOK and Jeff get pulled off the apron! Getting Matt in the corner, he sidesteps again, crawling, Ethan cuts him off, counters a Twist of Fate with a DDT!

Tag to Jeff, kicks ahoy, big lariat off the ropes! Manhattan Drop into the double leg drop into the basement dropkick! Side Russian Legsweep on the other ass boy into a leg drop pin, no good! Into the corner, boots up, Jeff off the top with a diving splash... NOPE!

Jeff gets tripped up, All Ego tags in, HOOK in as well! Body blows back Page into the corner, looking for the northern lights, denied, fighting over a suplex and HOOK suplexs him! Crossface blows, Ethan counters with a judo throw, back elbow, roundhouse kick takes him off his feet!

HOOK does a fancy roll into a cross armbar but Colten breaks it up! Tag to Gunn, Hardyz in, Austin cuts Jeff off with an uppercut, Matt eats the 3:10 to Yuma... JEFF BREAKS IT UP WITH THE SWANTON BOMB! Page hoists HOOK up, she slips out, Ass Boys are on him but the Hardyz are right behind them with stereo Twists of Fate!

Page is surrounded, Twist of Fate sets up a Twist of Fate sets up Redrum! IT’S OVER!

Hardy Boyz & HOOK win by submission with Redrum from HOOK on Ethan Page, transferring Ethan Page’s contract to Matt Hardy.

The opening ceremonies for the Owen Hart Foundation Tournaments close out our preshow.

The show opens with the standard hype reel.

Andy “Butcher” Williams vs. Ari Daivari vs. Bandido vs. “Big” Bill Morrissey vs. Brian Cage vs. Chuck Taylor vs. Dustin Rhodes vs. “Switchblade” Jay White vs. “Rock Hard” Juice Robinson vs. Keith Lee vs. Kip Sabian vs. Komander vs. Lee Moriarty vs. Orange Cassidy (c) vs. Penta el Zero M vs. Pepper “Blade” Parks vs. Rey Fenix vs. “Absolute” Ricky Starks vs. Shane “Swerve” Strickland vs. Tony Nese vs. Trent Beretta (AEW International Championship 21-Man Blackjack Battle Royal)

Chaotic brawling to start, Komander walks the ropes an hits a corkscrew senton atomico to the floor, which is fine because this battle royal operates under “you can’t be eliminated until you actually get in the ring” rules. Luchadors holding court in the ring, Fenix nearly eliminates Robinson while Tony Nese is eliminated!

Nese saves Daivari from Penta but Rey eliminates him with a knee! Cage gets in the match and throws luchadors around, German suplexing both Lucha Brothers at the same time but Bandido military presses him with ease! Throwing Bandido in the corner, big monkey flip sends him flying!

Has Bandido up, Komander tries to save him with a Frankensteiner but Brian slams both of them! Kicks from Fenix, stereo kicks when Penta comes in and Cage is finally cut down for an assisted wheelbarrow slam! Bullet Club Gold cut the brothers off, Komander walks the ropes again but White shoves him and eliminates him!

Starks tries to eliminate Switchblade, Juice dumps him instead, Ricky dangling and doing his damnedest and he keeps his feet off the floor! Fireman’s carry from Sabian on Cassidy, Best Friends make the save and triple powerbomb Kip before Chuck eliminates him!

Snap zoom group hug, Big Bill and Lee Moriarty hit the ring and beat them up! Orange ducks Bill throwing Chuck and Taylor is eliminated! Trent trying to choke the big man, Blade trying to chop at Keith Lee and he gets thrown to the floor!

Swerve finally joins the match and squares off with Lee, Cage helping him out but Keith fends them off! Ground Zero takes Strickland down but Cage is right on Lee with punches to keep him from taking advantage! Lucha Brothers eliminate the Butcher, Moriarty eliminates Bandido and Beretta goes after him, eliminating him in turn!

Cage manages to dump Lee, Rhodes slames Brian and dumps him over the ropes but Strickland cuts him off before he can finish the deal. Fenix over the ropes from Bullet Club, Penta accidentally eliminates his brother charging in, Starks comes over and takes Juice out!

Penta comes back to square up with Switchblade, laying kicks in, springboard, caught with Blade Runner and Jay gets speared out of his boots and eliminated by Starks before he can dump Penta! Juice pulls him out of the ring under the ropes to brawl and White throws Ricky into the barricade!

Bill puts Starks on the apron, Ricky blocks the elimination, big right hands, but Morrissey eliminates him with a big boot! Low bridge from Dustin sends Cage to the apron and a flip piledriver eliminates the Machine! Swerve takes Rhodes out with a dropkick!

Final four is Cassidy, Swerve, Penta, and Big Bill, kicks back and forth, Sling Blade for Strickland, lungblower for Orange! Morrissey squares up with Penta, Zero is fearless and starts throwing chops and kicks! Off the ropes, big boot coonects and a lariat eliminates Penta!

Bossman Slam takes Orange down, Shane draws him up but Bill stops him. Strickland backs off, Morrissey military presses the champion but Swerve shoves him from behind to eliminate him! Orange fails to eliminate him, Strickland puts him over the ropes, skin the cat!

Kicks for kicks, duck a lariat, off the ropes, satellite DDT blocked and reversed, reversed again into Stundog Millionaire! Shane with the single kick to the back of the head and both men are down and out! Prince Nana runs interference, another kick, up top, Swerve Stomp lands true but he still has to dump Cassidy out of the ring!

Drawing the champion up, grabbing his face and jawing at the camera, forcing Orange’s hands into his pockets! Hoisting him up, Cassidy reverses into a tornado DDT! Satellite DDT connects, Swerve is down, Orange is fired up, Orange Punch sends him to the apron!

Shane hanging in there, Cassidy pulls the elbow sleeve off, he’s fired up but Strickland catches him and pulls him to the apron! He wants the JML Driver, Orange backs him into the turnbuckles! Nana comes over ot trip him up, Orange boots him, kick from Strickland!

Orange collapses on the apron, Shane up top... BOOTS UP ON THE SWERVE STOMP! Cassidy kicks his hands and knocks him down! It’s over!

Orange Cassidy wins, retaining the AEW International Championship last eliminating Shane “Swerve” Strickland.

Adam Cole vs. Chris Jericho (Unsanctioned Match)

Daniel Garcia and Chris Jericho putting boots to Adam Cole immediately, Sabu slides in the ring to grab a chair and squares up with Jericho! They have a chair fight, Chris drops his and Sabu throws his at him! Cole brawling with 2.0 on the floor, Sabu goes up and drops a splash on one of them through a table!

Cole takes Y2J to the floor and smashes his hand into the steel steps before posting him and putting his knee into the post over and over! Panama Sunrise on the apron countered into a suplex on the floor! Gallon Throw into the apron and Jericho puts Adam knee-first into the steel steps!

Back in the ring, throwing chops, big lariat, wedging a chair in the corner he goes back to Cole with forearms. Pump kick staggers Jericho, off the ropes, he meets Cole and knocks him down for stomps. Lionsault gets a superkick! Adam up top, Panama Sunrise countered into the Walls of Jericho!

Cole crawls to the ropes, no break but he does get a fire extinguisher as Chris drags him in the middleo of the ring and he blasts Jericho in the face with a stream of CO2! Y2J with chops but he’s woozy and he falls down! Cole off the ropes and Jericho hits the Codebreaker... NOPE!

Chris blasts him with the fire extinguisher and then drops the steel canister on his chest! Jericho holding a kendo stick... DR. BRITT BAKER, DMD IS HERE TO PLAY EQUALIZER, WAILING ON CHRIS WITH HER OWN KENDO STICK! OVER AND OVER, AND SHOTS FOR SARAYA WHEN SHE RUNS IN, TOO!

Britt fights Saraya to the back, Adam beats on Chris with his own kendo stick a bunch more, up top and Jericho throws a chair at him that sends him crashing off the top and through a table! Y2J grabs the camera to tell people this is what happens when you mess with Chris Jericho, smashing Adam’s face into the apron over and over!

Jericho gets some lengths of heavy chain with cuffs at each end and heads back inside, to cuff Cole. He grabs the other end but Adam cuts him off and DDTs him before he can do anything else with it and covers him for two! Cole grabs the other cuff and cuffs Chris!

Yanking him off his feet, superkick connects, Panama Sunrise... STILL NO! Schoolboy from Jericho for two, whipping Cole with the chain again and again! Wrapping the chain around Adam’s neck, hanging him with it over his shoulder but Cole steps up the turnbuckles to reverse!

Superkicks connect, Adam hits the knee but he’s not done yet! He wraps the chain around his knee a few times and hits the knee again! Mounted punches with the chains, over and over, Jericho’s eye bloodied and referee Aubrey Edwards calls it!

Adam Cole wins by referee stoppage with punches.

FTR (Cash Wheeler & Dax Harwood) (c) vs. Jay Lethal & Jeff Jarrett (AEW World Tag Team Championship)

Mark Briscoe is of course your special guest referee tonight.

Lethal and Harwood to start, trading headlock takeovers and then trading chops! Back elbow sends Dax flying, Lethal decides to beat Wheeler down, Jarrett in ot double-team with him, Dax with a crossbody on both of them! Stereo Atomic Drops put Jay and Jeff into each other, whip across, do-si-do, float over, double legs into stereo Sharpshooters but the heels get away in short order!

Fake tag, Mark Briscoe won’t fall for it and he forces Jarrett back to the apron! Whip across, double back body drop, back body drop sends Lethal to the floor! Tag to Wheeler, slide out of the ring, putting their challengers to each other, off the ropes, low bridge sends Wheeler to the floor and Jeff tries to use a chair but Mark sees him!

Bringing Cash back in, side Russian legsweep from Jarrett, Lethal struts and leaves the ring and Jeff chokes him in the ropes! Briscoe admonishes him, Karen Jarrett gets a cheap shot in, Jeff with the Garvin Stomp and a little Fargo Strut for the crowd!

Whip across, kick to the midsection, Jay with a neckbreaker and then a reverse chinlock to grind Cash down! Wheeler gets a nearfall and goes for the tag but Dax isn’t on the apron! Lethal hits a dragon screw, tag to Jarrett and he kicks Cash’s leg out of his leg!

Figure four leglock applied in the middle of the ring, Wheeler screaming agony, throwing desperate punches but he can’t break free! Fired up, reaching, trying to roll over, Harwood off the top with a diving headbutt to break it up! Briscoe issues his standing ten count, tags are made!

Dax with heavy hands, chops in the corner, whip across, corner lariat, reversal, big lariat from the Ax! Suplex reversed, German suplex connects, hanging onto the waistlock, rolling into a second, standing switches back and forth, sheerdrop brainbuster from Harwood... STILL NO!

Lethal Combination connects, up top and jockeying for position, Jeff and Cash fighting on the apron, Sonjay Dutt runs interference and Jarrett knocks Wheeler down! Jay knocks Dax to the mat with chops, but he recovers before Lethal can dive and climbs back up... SUPERPLEX!

Harwood rolls through, powerbomb lift, Cash off the top with a lariat, he dives on Jarrett but Sonjay pulls Dax off the cover! Mark Briscoe stops Harwood from going after Dutt but then immediately ejects Sonjay from ringside! And Satnam Singh, too!

Jeff is in the ring with a guitar, Dax ducks... AND MARK BRISCOE TAKES THE EL KABONG FULL FORCE! Lethal Injection countered, Big Rig... NO REFEREE TO COUNT! Referee Aubrey Edwards runs down to replace him but Sonjay gets in her way and Karen Jarrett gives her the El Kabong!

Double Lethal Injection takes both champions down but we still have no referee! Karen grabs the tag title belts and gives one to Jeff and one to Sonjay! Jarrett gives his to Lethal and holds Dax up for it, Harwood blocks with a boot, back elbow and he snaps a piledriver off on Jay!

Jeff blasts him with the belt, Dutt wakes Briscoe up... DAX HARWOOD KICKS OUT! Jarrett yells at Mark about it, FTR come up behind him...

FTR win by pinfall with Big Rig on Jeff Jarrett to retain the AEW World Tag Team Championship.

Alex Marvez interviews Ricky Starks backstage.

Bullet Club Gold attack before he can say much of anything but FTR run them off before they can do much than lay punches in!

Backstage, Chris Jericho is angry about losing, smashing a trash can next to Saraya. He calls Adam Cole names and Saraya calls Britt Baker names and they demand a tag team match on Dynamite this week.

A crew member comes by to tell them to calm down and Jericho throws a fireball in his face!

Christian Cage vs. Wardlow (c) (AEW TNT Championship)

Cage jawing to start, front kick and slaps, Wardlow blocks a whip and clubs him down! Military press, off the ropes, shoulder block connects, strikes in the corner. Mr. Mayhem goes and gets a ladder, Christian kicks it into him but Wardlow hangs on and blasts him with it when he tries to slingshot to the floor!

Trying to put Christian through a table, he evades and smashes Wardlow into the barricade before ramming him with a ladder! Bridging a ladder between barricade and apron, Wardlow wants powerbombs but Cage trips him up and crotches him on the ladder!

Back inside, Wardlow puts him into a ladder leaned in the corner but soon after Christian throws himinto the same ladder! Putting the ladder in the corner, he catapults the champion into the steel! Cage climbs a ladder but Wardlow cuts him off and knocks the ladder over!

Mr. Mayhem hoists him up but Cage punches himself clear and pops onto the ladder! Wardlow pulls him down for a World’s Strongest Slam, military press follows, spinning Cage around before dropping him into a ladder! Wardlow climbing, Luchasaurus comes down and throws Christian into the ring!

Cutting Wardlow down with an inverted DDT off the ladder! Mr. Mayhem back with an Alabama Slam and a senton atomico but Cage rolls away and he crashes into the ladder! Throwing Wardlow to the floor, Arn Anderson comes to the ring to get him back in and the champion jumps off the turnbuckles and onto the ladder, knocking it over and clutching his shin while Christian crashes to the floor!

Trying to climb, referee Rick Knox tries to steady the ladder but it buckles and Luchasaurus comes back in with a chokeslam! Another one, Arn behind him but the dinosaur goozles him! Anderson bites his thumb and leaves it bloody! Luchasaurus chases after him, Wardlow whacks him with a chair and sets him across the tables and climbs a HUMONGOUS ladder... SENTON ATOMICO THROUGH THE LADDERS!

Back in the ring, Christian climbs a ladder, but Wardlow pulls him down and powerbombs him and climbs the ladder...

Wardlow wins by retrieving the title to retain the AEW TNT Championship.

Jamie Hayter (c) vs. Toni Storm (AEW Women’s World Championship)

The Outcasts drag Jamie Hayter out of the entry and work her injured arm over at length!

In the ring, referee Paul Turner calls for the bell and Toni keeps the pressure up on the injured arm! Dr. Britt Baker, DMD makes the save and runs Saraya off! Hikaru Shida comes down with a kendo stick to fight Ruby Soho off and Hayter is able to put Toni into the apron and hit Hayterade but her arm is down and Toni kicks out!

Storm gets the momentum going...

Toni Storm wins by pinfall with Storm Zero, becoming your new AEW Women’s World Champion.

House of Black (Brody King, Buddy Matthews, & Malakai Black) (c) vs. Daddy Ass & the Acclaimed (Anthony Bowens & “Platinum” Max Caster) (AEW World Trios Championship Open House Open Challenge Match)

Bowens and Black to start, Malakai sits down and Anthony matches his energy before scissoring himself. Tag to Matthews, off the top with a double stomp, arm wringer into a kneeling armbar. Kick combo, Fameasser, tag to Caster. Double whip, trip Buddy up, dropkick sends him to the floor and Max back suplexes him into the apron!

Back inside, cover for two, Black in, drop down, leapfrog, shoulder block puts him in the corner but Malakai blasts him with a boot and tags King in! Double whip, sidestep, boot up, Caster cuts a lariat but runs into a kick and another lariat... NOPE!

Elbows and chops, Acclaimed get him in the corner, scoop and a slam, setting it up... SCISSOR ME TIMBERS IS COUNTERED RIGHT INTO A KNEEBAR! Buddy with a diving lariat, King beating Billy Gunn up, Bowens gets the ropes and pulls himself to his feet to stomp his way out of the kneebar!

Legsweep, back to the kneebar and Matthews tags in with a Meteora! Billy Gunn’s had enough and hits the ring but referee Rick Knox warns him off! Switching to a scissored kneebar, again Anthony gets the ropes and pulls himself to his feet to escape with elbows.

Passing Malakai into the corner, desperation superkick and the path is clear but Matthews comes in and cuts him off! Kick to the knees sends Buddy packing, Anthony crawling, and King tags in to cut him down! Stomps and chops, cannonball senton... CASTER BREAKS IT UP!

Matthews in, Gunn neutralizes King on the floor, superkick takes Buddy out, the path is clear... DADDY ASS TAGS IN HOT! LARIATS FOR EVERYBODY! Stinger splashes, tilt-a-whirl slam, Cobra Clutch slam! Brody in with double chops, Billy flips him the bird and hits the Fameasser!

Matthews with a kick from the apron but Daddy Ass hits a Fameasser on him, too! Black is behind him...

House of Black wins by pinfall with Black Mass from Malakai Black on Billy Gunn, retaining the AEW World Trios Championship.

Jade Cargill (c) vs. Taya Valkyrie (AEW TBS Championship)

Both women looking for an early finish and not getting it, Taya laying punches in, big overhand chop! Snapmare, sliding lariat, Cargill rolls out of the ring! Valkyrie off the top with a splash but Jade throws “Smart” Mark Sterling in her way and blasts her challenger with a pump kick!

Whip to the corner, back elbow, Taya gets her hung up in the ropes for a sliding German suplex! Leila Gray running interference, Jade blasts Valkyrie with a superkick that sends her to the floor! Snap suplex on the floor, Cargill flexes and puts her back inside for a spinning spinebuster and a nearfall!

Taya back on the floor, Jade drops an axhandle on her, fireman’s carry and she drops her face first into the barricade! Choking Valkyrie on the barricade, but back inside she gets a deep nearfall on the champion off a lariat! Whip reversed, big forearm, short-arm lariat, hanging onto Taya’s wrist and firing another lariat off!

A third, a fourth, elbows from Valkyrie but Jade catches her in a sleeper hold! Reversed into a Blue Thunder Driver, only two! Elbow from the apron, springboard... KNEES UP AND BOTH WOMEN ARE DOWN AND OUT! Valkyrie deathlocks her legs, deathlock STF, Taya readjusts and hits the Curb Stomp... NOT ENOUGH!

Jade gets two off a schoolboy, Valkyrie hits a spear, Road to Valhalla connects... CARGILL WILL NOT STAY DOWN! Jade with the chickenwings...

Jade Cargill wins by pinfall with Jaded, retaining the AEW TBS Championship.

Post-match, Mark Sterling gets on the mic to hype Jade’s 60-0 streak up, saying she’s dominated every challenger put in front of her and she’s prepared to fight any time, any place, but the problem is there’s nobody left.


Jade Cargill (c) vs. Kris Statlander (AEW TBS Championship)

Statlander with a kick, an elbow, a facewash, delayed vertical but Cargill blocks with a knee and blasts her with a kick! Jaded blocked, back elbow, scoop her up...

Kris Statlander wins by pinfall with a cradle Tombstone Piledriver, becoming your new AEW TBS Champion.

Darby Allin vs. “Jungle Boy” Jack Perry vs. Maxwell Jacob Friedman (c) vs. Sammy Guevara (AEW World Championship)

Friedman immediately bails out of the ring and takes a breather. Perry and Guevara slide out to force him back in the ring and then beat him down in the corner with Allin! Jack with a big overhand chop, Sammy lays a knife-edge chop of his own in, Darby puts boots to him and then Guevara pulls him away!

Teaming up on Sammy now, all three men trading dropkicks and kipping up! Up and over, Jack has knucklelocks on both men, Arabian press double arm drag sends them both to the floor! Jungle Boy off the ropes... MJF cuts him off with a lariat and poses in the turnbuckles!

Max off the ropes a bunch of times into a strut and a hip swivel to fake us all out! Darby dropkicks him, off the ropes, huge suicide dive takes the champion out and Jack follows with two of his own, finishing it off with a tope con giro! Guevara off the top, shooting star press to the floor!

Back inside, Sammy draws Jungle Boy up and puts him in the Tree of Woe, kick to the midsection on Darby, stacking him on top, climbing up with him, jockeying for position... PERRY WITH A SPIDER TOWER OF DOOM THAT PUTS SAMMY AND DARBY RIGHT INTO THE CHAMPION!

Rebound lariat from Perry, Poison Frankensteiner on Guevara... NOPE! Darby corner to corner with elbows, arm drag, standing Diamond Dust on MJF, headlock takeover... NOT ENOUGH! Sammy goes for a shooting star press to the floor, nobody home, lands on his feet, superkick for Perry, Spanish Fly on MJF, frog splash... STILL NO!

Up top with the champion, Max bites his face to block and then stomps his way through Allin’s arm! Knee on Jungle Boy, powerbomb over the knee on Sammy, only two! Arm wringer Guevara into Perry, headlock takeover on Darby, nope! Pumphandle... STORM CRADLE DRIVER CAN’T KEEP DARBY ALLIN DOWN!

Max spits on Darby and calls him a “nobody worthless piece of shit,” all four men trading kicks and Allin punctuates it with a shotgun dropkick that puts Jungle Boy in the corner! Darby pulls himself up, Scorpion Death Drop on the champion, Codebreaker from Sammy, Killswitch from Perry, Max hits Cross Rhodes... NOPE!

Friedman goes and grabs a microphone and tells Sammy he’s got a baby on the way and he needs the money and he should just lay down. Just lay down and do the right thing for the baby. Guevara takes the mic and says he’ll lay down and take the money.

He lays down, Max flips the crowd the bird... AND SAMMY NEARLY BEATS HIM WITH A SMALL PACKAGE! GTH COUNTERED, OMOPLATA REVERSED, GUEVARA WITH THE WALLS OF JERICHO! Darby has a Scorpion Deathlock on Perry, Max is about to tap but Jack grabs his hand and stops him!

Figure four leglock from Allin on Guevara, Jungle Boy adds a cross armbar, Sammy gets an ankle lock on Max and MJF grabs a reverse chinlock on Perry for a four-way submission puzzle for referee Bryce Remsburg to decipher! Match breaks down in the aftermath, Sammy and Jack both hitting flip piledrivers and Jundgle Boy is the most awake in the match!

FLIP PILEDRIVER ON MJF BUT THE CHAMPION KICKS OUT! Underhooks, blocked, Perry with his own, Tiger Driver... GUEVARA KICKS OUT! Darby rams Perry into the barricade, head of steam and he Cactus Clotheslines Jungle Boy and MJF over the barricade together!

Back over the barricade, Darby goes up top, Guevara cuts him off with a rising knee! Climbing up top with him, perching... SPANISH FLY TO THE FLOOR THROUGH JUNGLE BOY AND MJF! Sammy gets himself together, all four men crawling back in the ring and running on fumes at this point.

Trading punches among themselves from their knees and to their feet, each steeling with resolve in turn, Friedman pokes everybody in the eye and flips the crowd off but runs into three superkicks! Ace Crusher from Guevara, Yoshi Tonic from Allin, Perry with a northern elbow, dumping the champion to the floor and they trade pinning predicaments, no man able to get quite to three!

Sammy with a superkick from Allin, DDT on Perry, Darby hits the Yoshi Tonic for two! Allin goes up top, Max trips him and crotches him on the turnbuckles! FRIEDMAN HITS AN AVALANCHE POWERBOMB! Trading nearfalls to no avail, Perry wants a cover bad but everybody kicks out on him in turn!

Guevara and Perry jockeying for position, Sammy gets the Ace Crusher but Jack rolls to the floor! Guevara frustrated, Friedman hits him in the gentleman’s area and pulls the Dynamite Diamond Ring out of his trunks! Allin blasts him with a skateboard, Coffin Drop, headlock takeover... PERRY BREAKS IT UP!

Allin and Perry trading slaps, into vicious punches, malfunction at the junction and both men are down! Friedman comes in with the title belt, trying to decide who to hit... JUNGLE BOY BLOCKS THE SHOT! SAMMY TAKES MJF OUT WITH A CACTUS CLOTHESLINE!

Jack his the title in his hands and he thinks about using it, turning to face Darby as he rises, but he throws the belt out of the ring! Allin with Last Supper... JACK KICKS OUT! Knees from Sammy, GTH connects and he goes up top, Darby blasts Guevara to the floor!

Up top for the Coffin Drop, MJF slides the title under him before he dives, Darby lands hard on the gold and Max capitalizes...

Maxwell Jacob Friedman wins by pinfall with a headlock takeover on Darby Allin, retaining the AEW World Championship.

On his way out, MJF says he needs some real competition and he’s getting bored.

Blackpool Combat Club (“American Dragon” Bryan Danielson, Claudio Castagnoli, Jon Moxley, & Wheeler YUTA) vs. the Elite (“Hangman” Adam Page, Kenny Omega, Matt Jackson, & Nick Jackson) (Anarchy in the Arena)

The match starts with brawling in the stands, Moxley choking Omega over the barricade, Hangman suplexes Danielson on the guardrail and slides him down it into a trash can shot from a Jackson!

Don Callis joins the commentary booth at this time.

Jon on the announce desk, double birds to Omega and a double axehandle before throwing him into the desk! Front chancery, guillotine choke, chairshots, Claudio choking Kenny with the chair! Referee Rick Knox is busted open and Castagnoi shoves him aside! In the ring, Danielson with a roundhouse kick but Page meets him with a lariat!

HANGMAN TAKES THE EYEPATCH OFF AND THROWS IT AT DRAGON BEFORE PULLING A SCREWDRIVER OUT! YUTA CHOP BLOCKS PAGE AND PUTS BOOTS TO HIM WITH DANIELSON! All four Blackpool men in the ring beating Hangman down, the Bucks slide in with chairs and even teh odds, Omega’s there too and the brawl is rolling!

Mounted punches from the Elite, Superkick Party clears the ring! Bucks walk and brawling Claudio and Bryan up to the stage, throwing them off into the pit! Violent Idols still playing on the stage, the frontman opens his jacket to reveal a BCC shirt and he eats a Superkick Party!

Kenny choking a bleeding Mox with the announce table cover, trading chops! Matt Jackson with the locomotion northern lights suplexes to take YUTA down the ramp! Nick with a tope con giro over his brother into Claudio! Hangman powerbombs Wheeler into the apron!

Page and Omega laying chops in, Moxley ducks and Hangman blasts Kenny with a boot and Jon lays him out with a lariat! Danielson choking Nick with a camera cable, Claudio taking Matt up the steps for uppercuts! Dragon in the ring with Hangman, mounted punches as he starts to bleed, pulling his wrist tape off to choke Adam with it!

Mox whips Omega into a giant poker chip, Castagnoli and Matt fighting in the concourse and Jon tips the chip over to reveal coils of barbed wire! Bryan takes Justin Roberts’ jacket off to attack Hangman with! Crossbody in the concourse and Moxley suplexes Kenny into the wire!

Claudio smashes Jackson’s face into a pillar, Wheeler whips Hangman with a belt! Danielson smashes Nick with a trash can... MOXLEY HAS A FORK! MOXLEY HAS A FORK AND HE SPIKES OMEGA’S HEAD WITH IT WHILE CASTAGNOLI GIANT SWINGS MATT JACKSON INTO A TRASH CAN!

Choking the life out of Omega, he flags but does not fail and puts Moxley into the wire with a senton to counter it! Nick bleeding as Danielson drags him around to some bare concrete floor and punches his head against it! Tearing at the wound, moving on to Hangman again, laying kicks in in tandem with Moxley!

Claudio fighting with Jackson outside of the building, military pressing him into the bed of a pickup truck! Moxley with a suplex that puts Nick into a chair! Matt with superkicks, Claudio blocks the last one... PILEDRIVER IN THE BED OF THE TRUCK!

LeBell Lock on Page, Mox choking him with an extension cable too, Wheeler has a leafblower for some reason, Kenny in, off the ropes... HART ATTACK ON THE LEAFBLOWER! Moxley has Adam on the apron, thinking about a piledriver... REVERSED INTO DEADEYE ON THE APRON!

YUTA blasts Hangman with a leafblower, Omega using a trash can lid like he’s Captain America but Claudio knocks it out of his hand and hits Swiss Death! Nick with a diving Frankensteiner, laariats for Bryan and Wheeler, 540 roundhouse, rising knee, bulldog / lariat combination but Mox nails him with the lariat and a Gotch piledriver... JACKSON KICKS OUT!

Wrist-clutch stomps ensue, knee to the back of Omega’s head, back to the stomps on Nick and into a half-crab! Kenny with boots, staggering Jon but he doesn’t let go as Wheeler and Claudio send Omega packing! Into a full Boston Crab, YUTA adds a crossface!

Matt Jackson stumbles back to ringside clutching his neck, sliding in the ring to break it up... EXPLODING SUPERKICK?! Wheeler lights on him with punches and Matt hits a pair of superkicks before leveling YUTA with a third! Hangman in position... YUTA KICKS OUT OF BUCKSHOT! YUTA KICKS OUT OF BUCKSHOT!

Claudio pulls Jackson in and pulls his exploding shoe off, punting it into the crowd! Sock off too, Danielson stomps the bare foot while Castagnoli chokes him by stepping on his neck! Omega pulls Claudio out of the ring, they brawl up the ramp!

Dragon and YUTA working Matt over, Jon dumps a bag of tacks out in the ring... ATOMIC DROP BAREFOOT INTO TACKS! NEARFALL FROM MOXLEY AND DANIELSON GRABS A HEEL HOOK! Nick goes into the tacks, Omega has Danielson lined up but Claudio cuts him off with an upppercut!

Ricola Bomb reversed into a Frankensteiner, V-Trigger connects! DANIELSON HITS THE BUSAIKU KNEE! Duck a lariat, Busaiku knee for Page too! Hammer and anvil elbows on Kenny! YUTA joins in on Hangman and Moxley has Nick Jackson! Matt haobbles in on one foot, windmill punches to try and break the holds up but YUTA hits him in the gentleman’s area!

And handful of tacks in Matt’s mouth... UPPERCUT FROM CLAUDIO! BRIDGING GERMAN FROM WHEELER INTO THE BRIDGE BUT HANGMAN BREAKS IT UP! Page and Omega realize they’re surrounded, fire each other up, valiant and desperate punches! Danielson with chest kicks for both of them, Page hits Deadeye!

Omega with an electric chair... ONE-WINGED ANGEL BUT YUTA BREAKS IT UP! Finlay Roll, shooting star, moonsault, Orihara from Hangman! Buckshot is ready, Don Callis gets off the commentary desk, Wheeler ducks Buckshot and spikes Page iwth the screwdriver!

Kenny with the V-Trigger, electric chair, Don in the ring behind him and he lets YUTA go! A masked man slides in the ring and lands a knee on Omega! IT’S KONOSUKE TAKESHITA! Wheeler takes full advantage, screwdriver to the forehead...

Blackpool Combat Club win by pinfall with a seatbelt pin from Wheeler YUTA on Kenny Omega.

Post-match, Callis chokes Omega with his belt while Takeshita watches and Blackpool raises YUTA’s hands and Claudio puts him up on his shoulders!

That’s the show, folks.

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