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Report: CM Punk will return to AEW for the Collision premiere in Chicago

Tony Khan on Twitter

AEW Collision is set to premiere on Saturday, June 17. We’ve heard for a while now that CM Punk will return to AEW for the new weekly show and be its top star. However, Punk’s name wasn’t mentioned last week when the show was officially revealed, and his name was scrubbed from the original press release. Punk and AEW President Tony Khan reportedly had a problem to work out regarding the status of Ace Steel as a backstage producer for Collision.

On tonight’s (May 24) episode of Dynamite, Khan will make an announcement about the venue for the June 17 premiere episode of Collision. It’s widely assumed that if Khan says it’s in Chicago’s United Center, that means the issues with Punk have been resolved and everyone is ready to proceed with his return to the company.

According to a new report from PW Insider Elite, that’s exactly what will happen tonight on Dynamite. AEW will announce the first episode of Collision is going to take place in the United Center. However, Punk’s return will likely not be mentioned on tonight’s show. For what it’s worth, the site says the rumored issues between Punk and AEW over this last week have been “greatly overblown.”

Are you excited about Tony Khan’s announcement on tonight’s Dynamite, Cagesiders?

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