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Dark Order tries to ruin Elite reunion, but it backfires

The Elite reunion last week was a magical moment, and the Dark Order tried to ruin it. Thankfully, the Dark Order’s scheme backfired, and it only brought the Elite closer together. The latest episode of Being the Elite captured the drama.

“Heart, Soul, Spirit” - Being The Elite Ep. 348 began in the locker room after Dynamite. Hangman Page was wondering what the Elite’s post-show routine was these days, and Kenny Omega explained their fondness for Wendy’s fast food. Page trashed that idea, since he associated the restaurant’s name with the a lady who mistreated his cat. Instead, Hangman wanted one thing in particular. The boys teased out breaking into song for Chili’s baby back ribs and barbecue sauce. Actually, Hangman never had a cat. Going to Wendy’s was cool with him. The classic Elite absurdity was back.

The Elite story continues at the 10:43 mark with highlights from Dynamite and Hangman’s heart, soul, spirit promo. The Elite stayed in the ring after the show to send the crowd home happy. Hangman celebrated with a beer, the Young Bucks had Coca-Cola in hand, and Omega chugged milk.

Backstage, the Dark Order was jealous that Hangman was so happy being back with the Elite. Maybe they can all be friends? The Dark Order decided not to blow the whistle of Matt Jackson’s secret of giving Hangman the nod to beat Omega for the AEW World Championship at Full Gear 2021. The Dark Order opened the locker room door and saw the Elite jamming out to the Chili’s tune. Cue the BTE sad feelings theme for Evil Uno, Alex Reynolds, and John Silver as they exited to let the Elite have their moment of friendship.

Scratch that. The mid-credits scene showed the Dark Order have a change of heart.

Omega apologized for his terrible behavior toward Hangman in the past. He doesn’t know if the cowboy can fully forgive him. Hangman agreed that maybe things can’t be the same, but they will work on it as friends. Hangman went to drain the lizard.

Meanwhile, the Dark Oder was comically angry. “Those motherfuckers want to sing our song that we stole from them? Fuck this.” The Dark Order barged in to expose Matt’s secret. Omega was beside himself with shock at the betrayal. Hangman came back from the stall, and tension was in the air. Could the Elite implode once again?


Omega already knew what happened. It was Hangman’s time to be at the top, and Matt’s nod was a true sign of friendship. Smiles and cheer all around.

If you enjoy the Elite’s sense of humor, then be sure to check out these scenes. There are lots of little expressions and reactions to enhance the silliness factor.

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