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AEW Dynamite results, live blog (May 24, 2023): Double or Nothing go home

All Elite Wrestling

Here’s a place to check results and comment along with a new episode of AEW Dynamite, airing tonight (May 24) at 8 pm ET on TBS.

AEW will be in Las Vegas’ MGM Grand Garden Arena, on the other side of the Strip from where they’ll be Sunday night for Double or Nothing! Stars in key matches on that PPV, such as World champ MJF and his three challengers Darby Allin, Sammy Guevara & Darby Allin and mortal enemies Chris Jericho & Adam Cole, will get screen time to sell us on the show. Three titles will be on the line, as Blackpool Combat Club’s Claudio Castagnoli & Wheeler Yuta battle ROH Tag champs Lucha Bros, New Japan’s Kyle Fletcher will be the latest to try to end Orange Cassidy’s International championship reign, and AR Fox, Blake Christian & Metalik bet they can beat Trios champs House of Black under their Rules. Tony Khan will tell us where the first Collision will take place, and in the process tell us more about CM Punk’s future with the company. And more!

Come right back here at 8 pm ET when the Dynamite live blog kicks off once the show starts on TNT. It will be below this line here.

Enjoy the show!


Under dogwood blooms, Miss Widow on her loom eating peaches and cream. Observer hums a haunting melody, but me? I’m just here to liveblog this pro wrestling show for you, folks.

The show opens with the intro video.

Kyle Fletcher vs. Orange Cassidy (c) (AEW International Championship)

Fletcher hot out the gates with a big boot and a brainbuster... NOPE! Cassidy with a dropkick to stabilize but Kyle stays on him and dives! Back inside, lateral press, only two! Back to the floor, Fletcher goes up top and mocks the hands in pockets deal and Orange knocks him to the floor!

Diving DDT onto the apron, Cassidy breaks the count and takes a breather before heading back out for a Beach Break and the countout! Referee Bryce Remsburg counting... KYLE BEATS THE COUNT! Back inside, trading nearfalls, block a kick, hands in pockets!

Roll under, dropkick, kip-up, Fletcher with a superkick and both men are down! Into the cover... NOPE! Raining punches down, delayed vertical, into the brainbuster, cover... ORANGE KICKS OUT AND WE GO TO BREAK!

Back from commercial, Fletcher goes for another brainbuster... STUNDOG MILLIONAIRE! Satellite DDT follows, cover... NO! Kicks from the corner, Kyle blasts him to the floor with a boot! Drawing Cassidy up the apron, Orange fights him off, diving DDT reversed into a spinning Michinoku Driver... STILL NO!

Orange looking for Beach Break, reversed, Cassidy floats out, catch a boot but Kyle levels him with an elbow! Rising knee, sheerdrop brainbuster, both men are down and out! Orange to his feet first, drawing Fletcher up, lazy slaps, Kyle getting mad about it, roll under a superkick, superkick of his own and a Michinoku Driver... REVERSED INTO A TOMBSTONE PILEDRIVER BUT FLETCHER HOLDS ON AND HITS A SPINNING TOMBSTONE BUT STILL CAN’T PUT ORANGE AWAY!

Up top, Kyle hits an avalanche Michinoku Driver... BUT YOU CANNOT KEEP ORANGE CASSIDY DOWN! Jockeying for position, Orange counters and spikes Fletcher, tearing his elbow sleeve off, but Orange Punch is countered with a superkick! Hammerlock, reversed...

Orange Cassidy wins by pinfall with a crossleg victory roll pin to retain the AEW International Championship.

Ricky Starks is interviewed backstage by Renee Paquette.

He says he was in total control last week and every week is the same and he’s sick of it, so he’s gonna take matters into his own hands. He has nothing to lose anymore, and he’s refocusing his energy on winning the International Championship on Sunday.

“Rock Hard” Juice Robinson attacks and they brawl but soon “Switchblade” Jay White joins the fray and Ricky is overwhelmed and thrown neck-first into a road case! They grab stereo armbars and tell Starks they’re not done with him and they’re gonna keep making his life a living hell.

Commentary hypes up the rest of our show and we go to break.

Back from commercial we get a promo from “Jungle Boy” Jack Perry.

He talks about driving home from last year’s Double or Nothing with Christian Cage and not knowing he was going to get turned on, and every time he makes this drive it’s a little different, but every time he’s a little closer to the man he wants to be and to living the life he wants to live.

And on Monday morning, when he drives back home, he’s going to do it as the AEW World Champion.

FTR make their entrance and get on the mic.

Cash Wheeler says it’d be easy to call Jay Lethal and Jeff Jarrett carny trash who politicked their way to where they are but fact is they’ve been a step ahead because they’re smart and he won’t take that away from him. They’ve been good, and they’ve been lucky, but at Double or Nothing, their luck runs out.

Dax Harwood says Jeff’s broken a million guitars and can’t stay relevant so he’s attached his name to the greatest team in the world today and he can’t blame him, he’d probably do the same, but if you think the top of the tag division is gonna be a couple of rejects from TNA, uh-uh, not gonna happen.

After Double or Nothing, call the Queen of the Mountain and make sure you have some job security, and he doesn’t mean his bitch of a wife Karen Jarrett, he means Dixie Carter. Top guys, out!

Enter Mark Briscoe.

Cash tells him he has every reason to be mad but asks him not to let Lethal and Jarrett make him look stupid. Last year they went to hell and back three times with him and his brother, and this year they’ll go to hell and back for him.

Mark says they’re blood brothers for life but he asks Dax what that piledriver was about. Harwood says he didn’t mean to and apologizes and asks him to shake his hand like a man. Briscoe slaps his hand away, Dax won’t be disrespected and demands he shake his hand.

Briscoe slaps him in the face, things get heated but Mark leaves.

The heel stable make their way to ringside but Mark shoves his way through Karen Jarrett, slaps Jeff Jarrett, and gets in Lethal’s face and says he doesn’t care about these clowns, Jay is his boy but he’s getting tired of this shit and shoves him aside as he leaves.

Sammy Guevara is interviewed backstage by Renee Paquette.

He says it’s a lot of money but he will not lay down for Maxwell Jacob Friedman and he’s not for sale. His whole life people have tried to buy him out of his dreams, bosses have tried to promote him and take away his wrestling time, and he told them to shove their offers up his ass and he’s made it as a professional wrestler and he’s the man who’s going to win the world title.

House of Black make their entrance to send us to break.

AR Fox, Blake Christian, & Metalik vs. House of Black (Brody King, Buddy Matthews, & Malakai Black) (c) (AEW World Trios Championship Open House Match)

Fast-paced to start, filtering through, Christian ends up isolated as the House of Black work quick tags. Metalik in with a springboard but Black cuts him off! Tag to Matthews, Metalik walks the ropes for a dropkick, off the ropes, stereo dives with Blake!

King squares up with Fox, demanding more, AR lands pump kick after pump kick but Brody levels him with a back elbow! Off the ropes, Metalik and Christian trip him up and Fox dropkicks him to the floor! Brawling, AR gets himself together on the apron... IMPLODING SPRINGBOARD SENTON ATOMICO TO THE FLOOR!

Perching, 450 back inside, Buddy rolls away, Matrix evasion, off the ropes and Matthews hits Blackout! Crossing the legs, inverted cloverleaf applied! AR gets the ropes but they do nothing in these rules! Malakai catches Metalik in a kneebar but Blake comes in and lands superkicks to Matthews!

Buddy keeps the hold in and Brody grabs a hanging sleeper on Christian...

House of Black win by submission with an inverted cloverleaf from Buddy Matthews on AR Fox to retain the AEW World Trios Championship.

Blackpool Combat Club are hanging out in the locker room.

“American Dragon” Bryan Danielson lays out their immediate goals— Claudio Castagnoli and Wheeler YUTA will win the ROH World Tag Team Championship tonight and then they end the Elite on Sunday. Jon Moxley says that they’re the best in the world and it’s not a gimmick or bluster.

Fans open their pockets and part with their money to watch the greatest sport in the world, they do the job the way it’s meant to be done and nobody does this job better than they do. This is the major leagues, and only one thing matters— are you willing to step up to the plate and deliver when it counts?

Sunday it’s gonna count, and they’re gonna deliver in a storm of violence, standing calm, ready, aim, fire. You’ll see the difference between professionals and amateurs.

And so we go to break.

Back from commercial, Maxwell Jacob Friedman makes his entrance and stops at commentary for a drink before throwing it in Tony Schiavone’s face.

He walks to the ring, spitting on fans, and gets on the mic.

He says this place is supposed to be Sin City but looking around the arena it’s more like Virgin Vegas. He feels like he wants Sammy Guevara to shove his tongue into a light socket, Darby Allin to climb Mount Everest with his shoelaces untied, for Jack Perry to be forced into an echo chamber and bore himself to death by speaking.

But unlike us disgusting poors, he’s intelligent and fully aware of how important this matchup is on Sunday. Lots of people throw around the word “home grown”, and it doesn’t get much more home grown than us. Unlike some of our faves, they didn’t have the cheat code of coming from national TV already.

Four years later they’ve given us the best matches and moments in the history of this company and they are AEW! However, he doesn’t want to be AEW anymore, to be perfectly honest. He’s bored and sick of this place. He’s sick of the lack of competition, he’s sick of the lack of competency, and most of all he’s sick of not getting the respect he deserves from the fans.

And Tony Khan knows this and he knows that daddy’s contract is coming up. Facts are facts, and you think it’s a coincidence he’s in a four way? Tony Khan is hitting the panic button because he desperately wants the title off of him. And you should be worried, because he might just take his ball and go home, because this is his ball and he earned this ball and run with it faster than anyone can keep up with.

On Sunday yes you’ll find out these men are supremely talented, but none of them are on the level of the devil.

Enter Darby Allin.

He says he’s lost a lot in this life but he’s never lost his mind. He’s always know who he is and where he’s going, but when he graduated high school he listened to people who told him to play it safe and all that got him was cleaning toilets at the dollar store.

But he wasn’t meant to clean toilets, so he lived in his car and started wrestling and then AEW came along and saved his sanity, letting him live the way he wants. No other company would let him skateboard with Tony Hawk or climb Mount Everest, which he IS doing next year. He’s not a puppet, you can’t create him.

He’s gonna be the face of AEW and to do that he needs the world title and he might even do it with a headlock takeover.

Max simply kicks him low and holds up the Dynamite Diamond Ring! Sammy Guevara makes the save and MJF runs up the ramp but gets cut off by Jungle Boy! Perry takes him down and grabs the title, holding it up!

Wardlow and Arn Anderson cut a promo.

Wardlow says Christian Cage has a big mouth and he bets he can shove a ladder down it.

Lady Frost vs. Taya Valkyrie

Collar and elbow, Valkyrie shoves her off, back to the lockup, Taya with a waistlock takedown! Lady kips up, arm drag countered into a lateral press, no deal. Off the ropes, duck a lariat, big tijeras, arm drag, Valkyrie with a back elbow!

Sliding lariat gets two, whip into the corner, big chop, short whip, Frost sidesteps and Taya takes the post hard! Kick in the corner, handspring cut off with a lariat... NOPE! Jade Cargill and her entourage come to the stage and we go to break.

Back from commercial, Frost with a tornillo but Valkyrie catches her with a spear! Drawing Lady up, trading right hands, Blue Thunder Driver... LADY FROST KICKS OUT! Deathlock surfboard stomp, Frost with a roundhouse kick but she gets caught with a backbreaker and a knee to the face!

Double chickenwing lift...

Taya Valkyrie wins by pinfall with Road to Valhalla.

Tony Khan is backstage with an announcement.

He says it’s great to be back where everything began for AEW and he has an announcement about the start of a new begining for AEW. AEW Collision’s first episode on June 17 will be at the United Center in Chicago, Illinois. It’s gonna be a big night of wrestling and we have a lot to look forward to at Double Nothing.

And so we go to break.

Back from commercial, Alex Marvez interviews “Hangman” Adam Page.

He says it’s funny because he thinks Matt, Nick, and himself used to be the best of friends but he doesn’t know that he was ever really friends with Kenny Omega. They’ve been something more than that, and that’s family, and family sticks together no matter where life takes you.

On Sunday they face Blackpool Combat Club, who have taken so much from them— his eye, Matt’s arm, Nick’s shoulder, Kenny’s Don Callis, and on Sunday they’ll pay in blood.

Tony Schiavone is in the ring for a contract signing for Adam Cole vs. Chris Jericho.

Adam Cole makes his entrance with Roderick Strong in tow.

Chris Jericho makes his entrance with “Cool Hand” Angelo Parker, “Daddy Magic” Matt Menard, “Red Death” Daniel Garcia, and Jake “I Like This Hat” Hager in tow.

Tony thanks them for agreeing to no physicality and explains the ramifications of an unsanctioned match, he hands it to Cole, who immediately signs it and passes it back. He says he’s wondered why Jericho did what he did for weeks.

Couldn’t eat, couldn’t sleep, couldn’t process why he thought it was a good idea to beat his wife in front of him, Jericho personally directing traffic and screaming “again, again!” Maybe it’s because he’s a scumbag or a disgusting human being, but no.

He did it because he truly believes he’s invincible, that he can do whatever he wants because he’s Chris Jericho and AEW should be grateful to have him. Well we’re gonna find out how invincible he is when Cole beats the living hell out of him.

AEW should be thankful this match is unsanctioned, because the blood will be on his hands and not the company’s, and that’s how he likes it. It’s taking all the power inside of him to not beat Jericho within an inch of his life right here and right now.

He explains exactly what’s gonna happen— he’s gonna break both of Jericho’s legs, he’s gonna shatter his jaw, he’s gonna break his hand, so he’d hurry up and sign the paper, bitch.

Jericho stands up and takes a few steps forward as Tony asks him to remember the no physicality clause. He says he’s not a bitch, he ain’t from Las Vegas, and he opens the contract to sign it. Before he signs, he says the injury that put him off the shelf affected Cole’s memory, and he runs the footage of the beating.

Y2J asks what kind of man allows the love of his life to get the crap kicked out of her mere inches away. Roderick Strong holds Cole back and Chris begs him to touch him before calling him a coward. On Sunday, no rules, no accountability, he’ll knock Cole’s damn teeth down his throat!

He signs the contract and tells Adam he got outsmarted because no rules means he’s outnumbered 5-2. Cole says he’s right, which is why he made a phone call to someone who lives here in Las Vegas. A guy he idolized growing up and who, as one man, is crazier than all five of them combined.


Cole throws him a chair and Sabu throws it at Matt Menard, sending the Jericho Appreciation Society packing!

We get a video package for Toni Storm vs. Jamie Hayter on Sunday.

“Red Death” Daniel Garcia vs. Roderick Strong

Mat grappling, Strong with a front chancery, Garcia backs him into the ropes to force a break and clobbers him with a right hand! Backhammer, reversed, headlock takeover, Daniel forces him into the ropes and clobbers him with a chop! Trading chops across the ring, Roddy puts him into the corner and keeps the heat coming!

Backbreaker connects and we go to break.

Back from commercial, Garcia with a surfboard stomp, weird dance taunt, putting boots to Strong! Gourdbuster gets Roddy some separation, he pulls himself up the ropes and clobbers Daniel with a neckbreaker drop! Lariat and a dropkick, running knee in the ropes, big tossing back suplex, only two!

Back suplex backbreaker counters a kick, cover for two, sidestep a knee, Red Death gets a schoolboy for two! Knee lift gets a jawbreaker, Garcia with huge overhand chops and a Rock Bottom... NOPE! Fireman’s carry, Daniel rakes the eye to esecap, Dragontamer applied in the middle of the ring!

Upkick breaks the hold, fireman’s carry double knee gutbuster sets him up...

Roderick Strong wins by pinfall with End of Heartache.

We get a hype reel for Willow Nightingale winning the NJPW Strong Women’s Championship.

Commentary hypes up the Double or Nothing card and we go to break.

Blackpool Combat Club (Claudio Castagnoli & Wheeler YUTA) vs. Lucha Brothers (Penta el Zero M & Rey Fenix) (c) (ROH World Tag Team Championship)

“American Dragon” Bryan Danielson is on commentary for this one.

Chaos to start, superkicks for everybody and the Lucha Brothers stand tall! Off the ropes, stereo suicide dives! Penta with a diving crossbody, Fenix follows it up with a double jump springboard! Here It Is Driver on YUTA but Claudio breaks it up!

Uppercut cuts Fenix off in the ropes, big lariat to Penta and Castagnoli tags in. Off the ropes, Zero with a Sling Blade and Rey cracks a diving knee across the Swiss Superman’s jaw! YUTA trips Fenix up, Penta takes him out, Rey dives and Claudio cuts him out of midair with an uppercut to send us to break!

Back from commercial, Castagnoli with the Giant Swing on Fenix, YUTA with the dropkick! Cross the arms, Ricola Bomb reversed into a rolling sunset flip! The match breaks down into “everybody do something cool” territory, Penta with a powerbomb lungblower on YUTA... NOPE!

Looking for the Ode to Jim Breaks, Claudio breaks it up before he can snap YUTA’s arm! Sidestep a lariat, gamengiris, tag to Fenix! Forearms, snapmare sets up stereo superkicks! Castagnoli catches Fenix but a superkick from Penta drops Rey right on YUTA! Flip piledriver tags Claudio out, Fenix Driver... WHEELER KICKS OUT!

Setting YUTA up, Claudio takes Penta out, trading nearfalls, big uppercut to Fenix! Rocket Launcher... REY FENIX KICKS OUT! Wheeler choking Fenix in the ropes, referee Paul Turner warns him off and Castagnoli gets a cheap shot in! Alex Abrahantes running interference, Fenix tags out!

Young Bucks come out from under the ring to keep Claudio from making the save, Penta grabs YUTA...

Lucha Brothers win by pinfall with Fear Factor from Penta El Zero M on Wheeler YUTA, retaining the ROH World Tag Team Championship.

Post-match, Lucha Brothers stand tall while the Young Bucks hightail it out through the crowd and Jon Moxley and Bryan Danielson stop just short of chasing them through the crowd.

Mox gets on the mic and tells them to laugh and smile while they still can, take pictures with fans while they still have all their teeth, enjoy time with their families, because on Sunday they’re gonna get plastered on the pavement of Las Vegas Boulevard.

Anarchy in the Arena will be the wildest most violent match in AEW history because BCC won’t accept anything less. If you’re squeamish at the sight of blood, buckle your goddamn seatbelt because you haven’t seen anything yet.

That’s the show, folks.

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