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Eric Bischoff claims CM Punk is worse than Hulk Hogan

Everyone has an opinion on CM Punk and the ongoing drama related to his return to AEW, which is apparently still up in the air for various reasons. It’s hard to know all the details of the situation, because so much has been reported second hand and none of the subjects involved are even allowed to talk about the situation.

The long and short of it right now seems to be that Punk’s return could hinge on Ace Steel working behind-the-scenes at Collision. Who knows if that’s actually going to happen but word of that alone was enough to get the pundits eager to crank out some hot takes.

Here’s one that may be my personal favorite, as an impartial observer who finds all of this impossibly silly — Eric Bischoff on his “Strictly Business” podcast claiming Punk is worse than Hulk Hogan:

“Unfortunately, Tony will find a way to allow this to continue, and Punk will be back, which will be a big mistake. Who the fuck is Ace Steel anyway?

“Just because he’s a confidant of CM Punk’s? Why is he allowed to jeopardize the network premiere of a brand-new show? Are you fucking kidding me? People say I’m just being negative when I refer to the dysfunction within the infrastructure and the business side of AEW, but this (is a good example). They bring him back and make him the focal point of an entirely new show but he decides to wet the bed because his confidant isn’t allowed at the venue. Who cares? Let Punk pay him. He’s making $5 million dollars a year, or more than that. Let Punk pay him.

“All these hardcore wrestling fans and Punk himself is so anti-Hogan because (they think) he’s selfish and what not. Punk is worse!”


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