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AEW sells 36K tickets during All In pre-sale

Tony Khan calls today one of the best in AEW history.

AEW’s Twitter

When AEW announced they were bringing back the All In name for a show at London’s Wembley Stadium this summer, there was a lot of skepticism about how much of the 90,000+ seat venue Tony Khan’s company could fill.

Debates ensued about whether Khan’s reach was exceeding his grasp, and how many tickets the company would need to sell to make the show at least look respectable. Those continued even as we began hearing reports about 60,000 sign-ups for the pre-sale.

Well, that pre-sale happened today (May 2). And without a single match announced, or even confirmation a big star like CM Punk will be back in the AEW fold when the company heads to Wembley on Aug. 27, Wrestling Observer and PWInsider reported the company sold 35,000 tickets.

TK actually corrected that number a short time ago, revealing it was actually 36,000. He also converted that to U.S. dollars and British pounds for us while calling today one of the best in AEW history.

Tickets go on sale to the general public on Friday (May 5), and we’ll have a better picture of how full Wembley will be at that point. But just with this pre-sale, AEW’s already shattered their old attendance record. It sure looks like while a sell out may still be a stretch goal, they’ll have more than enough fans in attendance to make the show a success.

Maybe we should stop doubting shows called All In?

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