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Kenny Omega’s world is crashing down with hints of more betrayal

Kenny Omega suffered the ultimate betrayal last week on Dynamite when Don Callis turned on him. Omega had the steel cage match victory in hand over Jon Moxley, then Callis stabbed him with a screwdriver to serve the win over to Moxley. Callis had been the Invisible Hand guiding Omega’s career for decades, and that relationship was flushed down the toilet.

Alex Marvez tried to catch up with Callis for comment after the show. It is interesting to note that Callis was on the phone chatting with someone. Of course, I wouldn’t put it past Callis to have a pretend conversation in order to excuse his way out from answering tough questions from investigative reporters.

Lexy Nair questioned Omega about the treachery. Omega sadly replied, “If I can’t trust my family, who can I trust?”

Omega was so shook with violent flashbacks that he couldn’t even eat his post-match cinnamon bun. He took out his emotion by stabbing the dessert with a fork during Being The Elite, episode 347.

BTE also teased another source of betrayal to Omega. Last week on BTE, Alex Reynolds revealed to Omega that Matt Jackson ate the last piece of peanut butter cheesecake in catering, which happens to be a favorite sweet of Omega. When confronted, Jackson almost spilled the beans about his guilt for not interfering to stop Hangman Page from winning the AEW World Championship against Omega at Full Gear. Omega blabbed about the cheesecake, so Jackson dodged a bullet that time. This week on BTE, Reynolds was going to show Omega the Full Gear footage of the match, which Omega had never bothered to watch for himself. Jackson snatched Reynolds’ phone and did bits destroying it all throughout the episode. If Omega’s world is crumbling without Callis, imagine what will happen when he finds out about Jackson’s previous betrayal.

With so much drama in the A-E-Dub, it’s kind of hard being the Elite. This GIF from TDE Wrestling makes perfect use of the heartbroken Wolverine meme.

As for Callis’ reaction, he choose to post artwork of his heinous actions as a new profile picture on Twitter. Without context of the situation, the image actually looks touching as a father figure cradling his injured wrestling son. (This artistic interpretation was created by Mel Coleman as an homage to the painting Ivan the Terrible and His Son Ivan by Ilya Repin.)

Don Callis

Like sands through the hourglass, so are the days of the Elite. What do you think will be the next chapter in this soap opera?

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