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Kota Ibushi to AEW feels inevitable

The way AEW’s feud between Blackpool Combat Club & The Elite has played out has led a lot of fans to believe Kenny Omega’s best friend & tag partner Kota Ibushi is on his way to the company this summer. I’ve caught a few teaser references on recent episodes of Dynamite, but won’t pretend to be knowledgeable enough on Golden Lovers lore from DDT Pro, New Japan, and Being The Elite to list or explain them.

But I will point you to the replies underneath AEW’s tweet of Omega’s reaction to being betrayed by Don Callis on this past Wednesday’s episode. Dozens of folks who probably are up on said lore seemed to be answering Kenny’s “who can I trust?” question with some form of this GIF...

Ever since Ibushi got medically cleared and became a free agent earlier this year, he’s been talking about working with AEW. And this week, after telling his go-to online outlet Twitter account Dark Puroresu Flowsion the door wasn't completely closed on a return to New Japan, he clarified that wasn’t his goal...

Ibushi rushing in for an emotionally reunion after saving Omega from the BCC is the kind of long-term storytelling The Elite have built their careers on. A match with the Golden Star is the kind of thing Bryan Danielson left WWE for. Factor in that Tony Khan is about to have two more hours of television to fill each week... there just doesn’t seem to be a good reason why Ibushi to AEW won’t happen in the very near future.


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