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CM Punk asks what a notorious hockey hot head would do while seemingly training for AEW return

All signs point to CM Punk soon being back in our weekly diet of televised pro wrestling action.

Based on an Instagram Story he posted yesterday (May 12), it seems Punk is in training for his return — reportedly happening on the June 17 premiere of AEW Collision from the United Center in his beloved Chicago.

Punk’s also showing that he’s not going to completely stop stirring the pot in the wake of [waves hand at the last eight months worth of headlines].

The video he shared pans down to his workout tee, which is emblazoned with a picture of legendary hockey goalie Patrick Roy being escorted off the ice by an official post-fight (I’m not 100% positive, but I think it’s from this 1997 tussle with fellow netminder Mike Vernon that was part of one of the nastiest rivalries in sports history between Roy’s Colorado Avalanche and Vernon’s Detroit Red Wings).

When the camera pans back up to his face, he asks, “What would Patrick Roy do?” with a trademark Punk smirk.

Roy’s reputation isn’t just from that fight, or the Avs/Wings feud (if you’re at all interested in more on that story, I highly recommend ESPN’s Unrivaled documentary, also featuring Impact Wrestling’s Darren McCarty). The Hall of Famer from Quebec was a mad man when he played for Montreal before beef with management led them to trade him to Colorado. And he remained a mad man when he became a head coach, as evidenced by this video where he tried to fight a Kevin Owens superfan through a pane of plexiglass.

For the record, like Punk I freaking love Roy even though he’s never been associated with my favorite hockey club. Just a wildly talented, entertaining figure whose unwillingness to hold his tongue or check his actions led to drama on several occasions throughout his career... sound like anyone we know?

While we’re overanalyzing ten seconds of video, we should also point out that Punk’s haircut is intensifying speculation and fantasy booking about him working a version of his old heel cult leader gimmick that started when word came out his return show would be called “The Second Coming”.

What does it all mean? What the hell do I know? Other than what I’ve blathered on about above, I know this: Punk picked a killer workout track. If you’ve never rocked with the Judgement Night soundtrack, you should fix that immediately.

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