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A literal screw(driver) job helps Mox beat Omega in a brutal steel cage match

All hell broke loose before Kenny Omega & Jon Moxley could even make their way into the steel cage for their main event match on the May 10 Dynamite.

Mox attacked Omega during his entrance, which brought out The Young Bucks, Claudio Castagnoli & Wheeler Yuta for an Elite vs. Blackpool Combat Club match before the match.

Once the two old rivals were locked in the cage, things got really nasty. Of course Moxley was the first to bleed, much to the delight of his BCC teammate Bryan Danielson, who was sitting in with the announce team. The American Dragon really loved it when Mox superplexed Kenny onto a steel chair wrapped in barbed wire.

For an encore, Mox took apart the top rope and used the turnbuckle to fishhook Omega. Big spots came quickly in this one, and Kenny landed one when he escaped a choke by dropping his opponent back first onto the glass shards he’d poured onto the mat.

The finish was emotionally and phsyically brutal. It came after Omega his a V Trigger that sent both men through the cage...

Outside, Mox got the BCC’s trusty screwdriver while Omega recovered. Kenny’s long-time mentor Don Callis came in to keep him from using it, and that distraction allowed Omega to hit One Winged Angel. But before referee Paul Turner could count three, Callis stabbed the man he’s treated like a son in the head with the screwdriver!

Mox recovered enough to drape his arm over his rival as the ref made the pinfall official.

Callis considered stabbing Omega again, but instead opted to plant a kiss on his forehead. Then he whispered something to the man he’d treated like a son up until now, but that wasn’t for our ears. Danielson informed us that he was unaware Don was on their side, or anti-Elite anyway, so there’s certainly more to be revealed.

Earlier on in the BCC/Elite feud, a lot of people were predicting a Callis turn. But then he was sent to the hospital by Mox & crew, and recruited Konosuke Takeshita to help The Elite. It was enough to throw me off the scent, but your mileage may vary. Whatever your opinion on the turn, the match that preceded it was pretty thrilling. As long as you don’t have an aversion to Explicit Mox Violence that is.

Let us know what you make of all this, and get complete results and coverage of everything that happened on tonight’s Dynamite here.

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