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The Elite seem to have The Bloodline on their minds

The Elite are known for several things... like great matches (or at least ones that are given lots of stars by Wrestling Observer’s Dave Meltzer), and long-term storytelling (some say too long). They’re also generally smart-alecks who aren’t afraid to poke fun at just about anything, especially on The Young Bucks’ YouTube show, Being The Elite.

We mention that as general smart-assery is the most likely explanation for a pair of recent references The Elite made to a legendary WWE tag team and the story they’ve been at the center of.

Matt & Nick Jackson briefly changed their Twitter bio (the main way Matt & Nick Jackson use social media these days after they stopped tweeting a few years ago) to float a dream match with The Usos...

Before we hang it up, would love to wrestle the Usos just to see if we can break the all time superkick record.

That came after some discussion online of how many superkicks Jimmy & Jey Uso used in their match with Kevin Owens & Sami Zayn on last Friday’s SmackDown. It’s not as clear what prompted the gag on this week’s BTE, but it is pretty funny.

First, Nick explains (and explains, and explains) the long-running saga of The Elite to new recruit Konosuke Takeshita. The Japanese wrestler seems on the verge of dozing off a few times, but wakes up when the younger Jackson brother proclaims theirs is “the best wrestling story in professional wrestling history”.

He responds, “It’s okay, it’s okay. Bloodline much better.”

Later, an outraged Nick goes to Omega to tell him that “Takeshita thinks there’s a better story going on in wrestling than ours.” Kenny shocks him with his response:

“Are you serious? ... Well — ah, The Bloodline, right? Of course. I mean, we’re just a cheap copy anyway. Ah, it’s nothing to worry about, whatever. It’s all good. We’re still second-best. Third? Second, third? Not bad. I believe their story. I don’t believe what we’re...”

As you can see by those tweets, the references are doing their job in terms of getting people talking. Personally, I’m thinking that (while being cheeky) were Kenny & The Bucks only aims here, but I expect there will be some theorizing about “taking shots”, the trios’ allegedly ongoing contract negotiations with Tony Khan, and maybe even a few about their issues with their Brawl Out foe, the reportedly soon-to-be-returning-but-on-a-different-show CM Punk.

Laugh along with us, or weigh in with you take below.

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