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AEW worked multiple references to WWE sale into Rampage

All week, we waited for a Tony Khan tweet about the news that Endeavor was acquiring WWE with plans to spin it off as a new company after merging it with UFC. Hadn’t we been good little bloggers? What had we done to anger the traffic gods?

Turns out the extremely online AEW owner, president & booker was saving them for television this time. Both popped up during the April 7 Rampage, one of two hours TK’s promotion got on TBS last night.

QT Marshall & crew opened his latest QTV, TMZ parody sketch with “Hey, let’s talk about that huge sale this week...” Wink out of the way, he immediately went into talking about the latest purchase he made with the credit cards the group stole from Wardlow.

Shortly thereafter, the attempt to salvage the group Swerve Strickland started with Rick Ross after injuries took out both its members (Parker Boudreaux & Trench) worked in a familiar percentage. He said that mergers happen to all great moguls, and when Mogul Affiliates merges with the group later revealed to be Prince Nana’s The Embassy, Strickland said he will control 51% of the new entity.

Endeavor will own 51% of whatever UFC & WWE’s new name ends up being.

Not really “shots” per se, but that probably won’t stop some from getting worked up about it.

What do you make of these references to the business dealings of TK’s rivals in his wrestling war?

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