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AEW Rampage & Battle of the Belts VI live results, open thread (April 7, 2023): Four title matches

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Here’s a place to check results and comment along with a new, live episode of AEW Rampage, airing tonight at 10 pm ET on TNT. That will be followed by AEW Battle of the Belts VI at 11 pm ET, also live, also on TNT.

This combo event comes our way live from Ryan Center in Kingston, Rhode Island.

Rampage will feature HOOK defending the FTW title against Ethan Page, Darby Allin taking on Lee Moriarty, Anna Jay vs. Julia Hart, The Acclaim teaming with Jericho Appreciation Society’s Daddy Magic & Cool Hand Ang in eight-man action, a sitdown between Jade Cargill & Taya Valkryie, and an announcement from Swerve Strickland.

Battle of the Belts VI then features Lucha Bros putting the ROH Tag belts on the line when they face Powerhouse Hobbs & QT Marshall, Cargill in action for a TBS title defense against Billie Starkz, and International champion Orange Cassidy vs. Dralistico.

Come right back here at 10 pm ET when Rampage kicks off on TNT. We’ll update the post with everything that happens on both shows below the line.

Enjoy the show!


  • Rampage kicks off with HOOK vs. Ethan Page for the FTW championship.
  • HOOK defeats Ethan Page to retain the FTW title. Page jumps HOOK before the bell. We are told this match is being fought under FTW Rules, which means anything goes and falls count anywhere. HOOK pulls out a table and then brawls into the crowd with Page. Ethan tells the fans to kiss his ass after getting the upper hand on HOOK. The champ gets back in it and lays in crossface shots on Page going into the commercial break. The two wrestlers are making their way back to the ring after the break. HOOK hits a T-Bone suplex and grabs some chairs. Page rams HOOK’s head into the post and then powerslams him through the timekeeper’s table. The champ kicks out of the attempted three count on the outside of the ring. Ethan gets in the ring and wedges a table in the corner. Page goes to strike HOOK with a chair, but he avoids it. HOOK plants Ethan with a Twist of Fate. Ethan comes back with a pump kick. He tries to hit Ego’s Edge through the table, but HOOK gets his back and locks in Redrum. Ethan taps out!
  • The fans want HOOK to use the table, so he T-Bone’s Ethan Page through the table while his music is playing after the match is over.
  • The latest episode of QTV makes a reference to the WWE sale. QT wants some intel on the Lucha Bros and their flippy crap. He then makes a joke about Dante Martin breaking his leg.
  • Daddy Magic and Cool Hand Ang make their entrance. Daddy Magic let’s us know that it will make his nipples hard when The Acclaimed officially join Jericho Appreciation Society tonight. The Acclaimed and Daddy Ass do their typical entrance with Max Caster’s rap and scissoring.
  • The Acclaimed, Daddy Magic, and Cool Hand Ang defeat The Infantry, Bobby Orlando, and LSG in an eight man tag team match. Caster and Bowens tease scissoring Daddy Magic and Cool Hand during the match, but they don’t follow through with it. This was a squash.
  • Jake Hager spinebusters Daddy Ass after the match! JAS lays out The Acclaimed. Bowens is put down with a double DDT by Menard and Parker.
  • Swerve Strickland has an important announcement. Mogul Affiliates has merged with another group. You’ll have to wait until later tonight to find out who it is.
  • Jim Ross says that Darby Allin was over by a car in NYC while skateboarding yesterday, but he’s cleared to compete despite the bruises on his body.
  • Darby Allin defeats Lee Moriarty. Jim Ross tries to read Darby’s “Relentless” tattoo and botches it as Reckless. Lee damages Darby’s belly button but then has a rough landing on the barricade. Big Bill takes out Darby with a Big Boot as we go to commercial break. Darby explodes into Lee’s chest with a shotgun dropkick coming out of the break. Darby goes up for the Coffin Drop but he is distracted by Big Bill, leading to Moriarty tripping Darby off the rope. Moriarty hits a superplex. They reverse a few quick pin attempts. Darby hits Code Red and then immediately hits his suicide dive on Big Bill. Darby lands the Coffin Drop on Lee for the win.
  • Swerve Strickland comes out after the match and offers Darby his hand, but Darby doesn’t take it. Brian Cage then ambushes Darby from behind and tosses him around like a doll. Mogul Affiliates has merged with The Embassy.
  • There’s a sit-down segment with Jade Cargill and Taya Valkyrie over the usage of the Jaded / Road to Valhalla finishing move. It doesn’t go well at all, and there are threats of a court battle.
  • Mark Henry throws to a video package hyping up tonight’s main event of Anna Jay vs. Julia Hart.
  • Julia Hart defeats Anna Jay. Julia nailed Anna with a moonsault late in the match. Anna manages to survive and lock in the Queen slayer choke, but Julia drags them both outside the ring. Julia spits black mist into Anna’s eyes when the ref is distracted. That’s good enough for Julia to score the pin with a roll up.

  • Battle of the Belts VI kicks off with Orange Cassidy and the Best Friends making their entrance, with Julia Hart staring daggers into OC on his way to the ring.
  • Orange Cassidy defeats Dralistico to retain the AEW International championship. OC overcame interference from Jose the Assistant and Preston Vance and scored the win via Orange Punch.
  • Cassidy is selling damage to his punching hand after the match. Malakai Black appears on the video board with a message for Orange. He says House of Black isn’t done with Orange Cassidy just yet. Buddy Matthews wants the AEW international championship.
  • Mark Briscoe is interviewed backstage about losing to Samoa Joe at Supercard of Honor. He’s looking forward to watching Lucha Bros win tonight. Jay Lethal confronts him and asks why they’re not working together given they’ve known each other for 20 years? Mark shakes his hand, and that’s when Jeff Jarrett, Sonjay Dutt, and Satnam Singh show up to join the party. Briscoe doesn’t look comfortable with them around.
  • Jade Cargill defeats Billie Starkz to retain the TBS championship. Cargill talks trash, so Billie slaps her in the face. Cargill gets her over the knee and spanks her. She follows up with a fall away slam. Jade tosses Starkz outside the ring as we go to commercial break. Cargill goes for Jaded after the break, but Billie escapes her grip. Cargill runs herself into the post and gets taken down with the Flatliner. Billie goes for the senton bomb from the top, but Jade gets her knees up. Cargill goes for Jaded again, but Billie escapes again. The third time is charm though, and Jade finally puts her away with the move.
  • Taya Valkyrie confronts Jade after the match. Cargill tries to attack her with the belt, but Taya ducks it. She rolls Jade into the ring and tries for Road to Valhalla. Cargill elbows out of it and runs away.
  • Brandon Cutler and Michael Nakazawa are interviewed backstage. They are sick of the bullying tactics of the Blackpool Combat Club.
  • Mark Henry interviews Powerhouse Hobbs, QT Marshall, and Lucha Bros ahead of their ROH tag team championship main event match.
  • Lucha Bros defeat Hobbs & Marshall to retain the ROH world tag team titles. QT hits a Diamond Cutter on Penta late in the match, but Fenix takes out QT before he can capitalize. Fenix blasts Hobbs with the tightrope walk kick. Fenix dives off Penta’a shoulder from the top rope onto Hobbs. QT is wiped out with a Canadian Destroyer. Hobbs overpowers both Lucha Bros and tags in QT. Fenix smashes QT with a spinning heel kick. Alex Abrahantes is attacked by the QTV crew outside. QT goes for a rope-assisted pin on Fenix but it doesn’t work. Fenix then counters QT into a pin for the win.
  • That’s the end of the show, folks.

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