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Dax Harwood explains why FTR chose AEW

Whether Dax Harwood was shooting straight with us about FTR’s AEW contracts all along or not, the curtain seems to have closed on the drama surrounding Harwood & Cash Wheeler’s future. That happened when the Top Guys won the promotion’s Tag titles for a second time last night (April 4), in a match where they’d put their AEW careers on the line.

At some point, we’ll get a detailed explanation from Dax on his podcast. That’s probably tell us what their options were, and other information. In the meantime, we’ve got this — which is really all we need to know.

Harwood saw someone on Twitter alleging they demanded the belts in order to stay with AEW. In joining his partner to sarcastically respond, “Bald” gave us two reasons FTR is remaining All Elite:

The likelihood more backshaving skits could have come their way had they re-signed with WWE probably factored into it, too. But less travel and the ability to do more outside AEW are damn good reasons, too. They’re also in line with what Harwood’s been saying they’d be all along.

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