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MJF’s pickles are sold out

If you had a hankering to taste MJF’s pickle, then you are out of luck.

MJF’s latest business venture appeared on Dynamite in the form of pickles. He chowed down with Taz during his guest spot on commentary.

It turns out that MJF’s pickles were an actual product for sale. They were available for purchase from Kaylin and Kaylin on Thursday morning.

Apparently, those pickles were legit tasty. Taz gave a ringing endorsement.

MJF’s pickles come in three flavors:

  • MJF’s Better Than Your Dill (classic dill) - Better than all other dills, and you know it. What everyone expects from an amazing dill pickle.
  • MJF’s Spicy Devils (spicy garlic spears) - In a Spear cut like the devils pitchfork with a good hint of spice and that garlic dill flavor we all love.
  • MJF’S Champion Chips (honey mustard chips) - The one pickle that shares the world champion title with MJF. This pickle is so amazing it converts 98% of non pickle lovers. It is sweet, it’s tangy, it makes no sense, but WOW does it work!

By Friday afternoon, MJF announced that the limited stock was sold out.

MJF joins the short list of AEW superstars capitalizing on unique opportunities. Chris Jericho gave us A Little Bit of the Bubbly, and CM Punk treated the live crowd to ice cream bars.

What’s your guess for which wacky product will be next in line?

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