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Taya Valkyrie snaps after handing Jade Cargill her 56th straight win

AEW positioned Taya Valkyrie as the biggest threat yet to Jade Cargill’s undefeated streak and TBS title. It made sense, seeing as Valkyrie is a well-established veteran who’s had lengthy runs with both AAA and Impact’s women’s titles.

But rather than just focus on that, their storyline has also focused on their finisher, a sitout facebuster that Cargill calls “Jaded” and Valkyrie calls “Road to Valhalla”. It led to Taya being forbidden to use the move in their match last night. But after being thrown around for much of the match, and being unable to secure a three count even when she hit moves like a double stomp, Valkyrie grabbed Jade for the outlawed move.

That it was reversed into a roll-up is besides the point. Taya was losing this one, one way or another.

Maybe that’s why she snapped after the bell, going after Cargill’s entourage first, then threatened to send referee Aubrey Edwards down the Road to Valhalla? Regardless, now she’s not champ AND she’s looking at a suspension. Meanwhile, Jade is 56-0 without any serious threats on the immediate horizon.

Let us know if you think Cargill’s TBS championship reign and undefeated streak will end any time soon. While you’re on your way down to the comments section, check out the highlights from the April 26 edition Dynamite below. We’ve put all the YouTube videos AEW has released as of this morning in a playlist (for the second week in a row, there are a lot of them!), and since they don’t release everything that way at the same time, we’ve got Twitter clips of the other big moments and matches below that.

  • Orange Cassidy & Bandidio battled for the AEW International title
  • Dax Harwood & Jeff Jarrett went toe to toe on Dynamite!
  • The stakes just got higher amongst the four pillars of AEW!
  • Roderick Strong has come to the aid of Adam Cole!
  • The feud between The Elite & The Blackpool Combat Club continues to escalate!

For complete results and the live blog for Dynamite click here. To read a complete recap & review of all the night’s events click here.

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