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Here’s how AEW will get to a Four Pillars World title 4Way at Double or Nothing

The April 26 Dynamite featured the finals of AEW’s Four Pillars mini-tournament to determine who Maxwell Jacob Friedman will defend the World title against at Double or Nothing.

But first, we got reminders of how Sammy Guevara got to those finals. Darby Allin attempted to make peace with Jungle Boy Jack Perry, apologizing both for some of what he said in last week’s promo segment, but more for not being there as MJF helped his new “best friend” Guevara steal a win from Perry. They didn’t quite get on the same page...

... but Sammy & the champ were still good. Probably because Max is still telling his friend the check is in the mail.

Neither Jungle Jack nor Sting were with Darby for the match, but MJF was on commentary. Mostly he was selling his new limited edition pickles (Kaylin + Kaylin, the same brand he noshed on at the post-Revolution media scrum). But as the battle between Allin & Guevara got more and more violent...

... it was Sammy’s wife Tay Melo that first got involved on his behalf. Her involvement helped Guevara hit a 630 Splash to put Allin through a table...

...but he beat the count to keep the match going. There was still no sign of Perry, until after Max & Sammy pulled an old Eddie Guerrero trick (don’t tell Chavo) to steal another win.

That was when Jungle Jack ran in to save Darby from a two-on-one beatdown. But it was too little, too late for Allin. As he & Perry were bickering and Friedman & Guevara were celebrating though, Tony Schiavone was on the phone with Tony Khan.

Schiavone was very excited to tell that “prick” MJF that while he and Sammy will main event DoN, they’ll also have a tag match next week against the two guys they’ve screwed over the past two weeks. If Perry & Allin win, we’ll get the PPV Fatal 4Way many of us figured we’d get all along.

It’s a bit clunky, but they managed to fill several weeks of television time (with something other than more promo time that 34 of the Pillars aren’t quite ready for) with something that gave us more reasons to hate the heels, and built tension between the faces.

But that’s just my opinion. Give us yours below, and get coverage of everything from tonight’s Dynamite here.

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