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CM Punk & Chris Jericho reportedly met within the past week

The meeting’s been discussed as a step toward Punk’s return to AEW in a couple months. So how did it go? Read on...

Side trip to WWE Raw this week notwithstanding, CM Punk is said to be on his way back to AEW in June.

That despite enough members of the roster who don’t want him back that AEW owner/president/booker Tony Khan could be instituting a roster split to keep Punk & those he has currently unsquashable beef with (like his Brawl Out opponents The Elite) separated.

One person who is said to be willing to work with Punk despite their issues is Chris Jericho. For weeks, reports have mentioned a planned meeting between the two men with FTR as neutral parties/mediators as part of the process by which Punk will be brought back into the fold.

Now we’re hearing from two different sources that that meeting has taken place.

On a PW Torch VIP audio show (via, Wade Keller said that meeting took place last week. Keller didn’t have many details, but “heard from one source that it went well.”

Fightful Select has more, but it’s not terribly exciting — not that that’s a bad thing. Sean Ross Sapp’s report says the meeting happened “over the last week”:

Those familiar with the situation said that the meeting was relatively uneventful all things considered, and especially when taken into consideration the issues the two have had.

Seeing as those issues included Jericho calling Punk a locker room cancer, and Punk posting online (however briefly) that Jericho is a liar and a stooge... uneventful is good. The bar apparently wasn’t too high, as one of Sapp’s sources told him “It’s a positive that Jericho and Punk didn’t fight”, then jokingly added “Well, yet.” Generally, the consensus seems to be the two can work together without issue.

Which is good, since rumors are they will be after Punk returns on AEW’s new Saturday show Collision on June 17 in Chicago.

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