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AEW books Gunns Tag title rematch against FTR on an odd choice of show

All Elite Wrestling

AEW is expanding at a rapid rate. They already have Dynamite and Rampage as television programs. Elevation and Dark air as YouTube programs. Rumors are abound of a weekly Saturday night show coming soon. Plus, AEW is increasing their house show schedule. With so much on AEW’s plate, the wealth of interesting matches has to be spread out.

That’s what makes this next match announcement such an intriguing choice.

AEW booked the Gunns to receive their official tag title rematch against FTR at the House Rules house show in Corbin, KY on May 12.

The Top Gunns lost the belts to the Top Guys in a ‘championship versus AEW career’ match on April 5. Austin and Colten have been laying low on TV, while FTR have moved on to beefing with Jeff Jarrett and Jay Lethal. Still, a rematch would have value for televised content, right? Running it on a house show makes for an odd choice.

The simplest explanation is probably the most likely. The title bout could just be a way to sell tickets for House Rules. It gives those fans something of importance to look forward to when in attendance. The contest can also function as a way to brush the contractual rematch under the rug without wasting TV time toward the push to the Double or Nothing PPV on May 28.

Without cameras catching the action, it seems like a stone cold lock that FTR will retain. But, what if there are cameras filming the show?

That’s where the mind starts wandering. Rumors suggest that AEW filmed parts of their house show from March 18, but we have yet to see that footage air. Could that have been a test run for something new?

Doubling down on the wondering, there have been questions if Elevation has come to an end. Could AEW transition to House Rules material as a replacement?

From a marketing standpoint, it would make more sense to create a House Rules branded program rather than put those matches on Elevation. It would give the illusion of House Rules live events feeling more important than they are, which in turn would hopefully drive ticket sales. Lots of questions with little answers. Perhaps Tony Khan’s latest announcement on Dynamite will shed light on this.

What’s your take on the Gunns getting their tag title rematch on a house show?

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