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Mark Sterling has a wild conspiracy theory tying Taya Valkyrie to Elon Musk

There is a conspiracy afoot involving Taya Valkyrie, Elon Musk, and blue check marks on Twitter. C-O-N-SPIRACY!

Smart Mark Sterling, Esquire did the digging to present his findings. It is a pretty convincing case. Watch the video for visuals along with reading the transcription below.

Mark Sterling: I have reason to believe that Taya Valkyrie worked with Elon Musk to steal everyone’s blue check mark on Twitter. I have a feeling this video is going to get taken down, so copy it and share it while you can.

Now, we’ve been fighting Taya for months over her blatant theft of Jade Cargill’s finisher called The Jaded. So, I thought to myself, if she would steal Jade Cargill’s intellectual property, what else would she steal?

For starters, someone stole my Chipotle gift card out of my wallet the week after her debut, and I saw Chipotle being delivered to the hotel later that night. Um hmm, Taya. Here’s where it gets interesting. I saw Taya getting in an Uber a few weeks ago, and it was a Tesla. Now, suddenly, everyone’s check mark is stolen, except her husband, John Morrison. Seriously, right there. (Sterling points up to Morrison’s Twitter check mark on the conspiracy screen.)

I believe that Elon Musk reached out to famed con artist and criminal Taya Valkyrie to help him take down Twitter’s elite with the promise of keeping her at the top and putting superstars, like Jade Cargill and myself, among the commoners and normal people.

Now, I don’t want to tell you what to believe. Do your own research.

Taya did not outright deny the accusations, but John Morrison attempted to shoot holes into Sterling’s theory. Of course, Morrison is a biased source of information, so he can be trusted only so much.

As advised, do your own research and let us know what you think. It might help to be wearing Sterling’s new t-shirt to improve cognitive ability and detective skills. It is a perfect undercover disguise for business attire.

Do you believe in Mark Sterling’s conspiracy theory?

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