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The Outcasts messed Dr. Britt Baker up real bad

On AEW Dynamite this past Wednesday (April 19), real-life couple Adam Cole and Dr. Britt Baker had their on-screen storylines merge.

Cole was addressing his to-that-point unspoken issues with Chris Jericho when Daniel Garcia joined his Jericho Appreciation Society leader for a beatdown. Baker came out to stand by her man, and backed Le Champeon off with a slap to his face.

That was all part of the plan, though. At some point, it seems Jericho cut a deal with Saraya. Her group, The Outcasts, have been feuding with Britt, AEW Women’s champ Jamie Hayter, and generally any “AEW Original” they run across. Saraya, Toni Storm & Ruby Soho downed the dentist out with strikes and then continued the assault when she was on the ground. It looked like they’d make her watch as Jericho lit Cole up with a kendo stick, but instead he gave it Saraya to use on Britt.

It got the intended reaction from Baker’s fellow Pittsburghers, who showered the heel alliance with “piece of shit” chants. And apparently a few of those punches were a little snug, or a kendo stick swing caught her in the face, because...

Cole had already vowed revenge before she posted that:

How did Saraya react?

She also changed her Twitter profile picture to a close-up of Britt’s black eye...

... and is retweeting others who do the same, including her mom & dad.

Liking the build for Saraya/Baker II, and all the other possible permutations this crossover could bring?

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