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CM Punk allegedly told not to have any contact with The Young Bucks

All Elite Wrestling

Indications have been that The Young Bucks aren’t terribly interested in dealing with CM Punk after their backstage fight with him following AEW’s All Out PPV last September — and all the drama that preceded “Brawl Out”, of course.

A new sign of/possible reason for Matt & Nick Jackson's reluctance comes via another Punk item in this week’s Wrestling Observer Newsletter, this one about the meeting supposedly being planned between Tony Khan, Chris Jericho, Punk & FTR. That hasn’t happened yet, even with Punk’s return to AEW seemingly only a couple months away.

Dave Meltzer writes that Punk also hasn’t reached out to Matt & Nick Jackson to squash their beef, like Thunder Rosa did to mend fences with the women’s locker room after the drama she found herself at the center of last year. But it seems there’s a logical reason Punk hasn’t tried to contact The Bucks — he’s been told not to:

As of the weekend there was no resolution to the situation and there are many situations and things involved. Since I’ve been asked about this a lot, Punk has not apologized or attempted to make any direct amends to the Young Bucks, although those close to him said that’s because he’s been told not to have any contact with them and without any contact he couldn’t.

It’s not clear if Punk would be interesting in apologizing, and even the wording of this report has sparked new debates about whether he should. But Meltzer writes “there are people who want everyone to make amends“, and some of them have suggested that Punk apologizing would be “at least an attempt at a way” of making that happening.

Given all that, maybe a roster split is the best solution? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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