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Chris Jericho tries to clear up negative misconceptions about the AEW locker room

All Elite Wrestling

There was a whole lot of drama going on behind the scenes in AEW last year, to the point where there is now a reality show that tries to cover a lot of it.

The AEW backstage drama peaked and coincided with Triple H’s creative takeover of WWE, which included rumors and reports of several AEW wrestlers being unhappy and wanting to jump ship to the rival promotion and/or their former wrestling company.

During an interview this week on the Battleground Podcast, AEW star Chris Jericho was asked to comment on the biggest misconception of the AEW locker room. In his answer, Jericho stressed that almost all of the members in the locker room have a great attitude and are on the same page, and it’s normal to have some wrestlers who are unhappy with their lack of TV time.

“I don’t really know if there’s a misconception. I mean, there’s always ups and downs in any company that you have...”

“I think the AEW locker room is a great place to be and I think we got a lot of great people. I think everyone’s got a great attitude and we’ve been doing a great job over the last year of building our brand and building our locker room...I’d say 99 percent of our locker room doesn’t want go anywhere else and wouldn’t go anywhere else. Of course you’re always going to have some guys that want go other places, and I’m sure that may or may not happen...I think the only bad thing, if it is a bad thing, is we only have three hours of TV a week.”

Jericho later added that AEW needs to “get more reps for some people” and was hopeful that more house shows will be one way to do that.

It sounds like Jericho has tried to take on more of a locker room leader role ever since last year’s backstage fight between CM Punk and The Elite. Will things change for the worse in the AEW locker room with the likely return of Punk (who Chris has allegedly called a cancer) in the next few months?

Let me know to what extent you think locker room chemistry and leadership matters in pro wrestling, Cagesiders.

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