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Shawn Spears returns with an old catchphrase, MJF tease

AEW’s Twitter

Other than a quick return during AEW’s debut in home country (and province) last October in Toronto, it’s been almost a year since we’ve seen Shawn Spears on our screens.

It wasn’t the only issue he was dealing with, but now that he’s had a few months with the baby his wife Cassie Lee (fka WWE’s Peyton Royce) gave birth to back in January, it looks like Spears is ready to be a regular presence on Dynamite, Rampage and the Darks again. He’ll have a match on Friday’s Rampage, and AEW teed that up with a social media promo from The Chairman... although Spears seems to be indicating he’ll be working an older gimmick into his act this time around.

In addition to closing with something from his old WWE NXT “Perfect Ten” gimmick, Shawn’s also hinting that he’ll address the relationship with Maxwell Jacob Friedman that defined his last stretch with AEW. Spears was the last member of The Pinnacle who remained loyal to MJF. Other than the Toronto appearance, the last we saw him was when he lost to Wardlow in a Steel Cage match which earned the big man his Double or Nothing bout with Friedman (which came before Max disappeared for a few months during a contract dispute with Tony Khan, and my word did AEW have a lot of drama last year).

When Spears showed up in October, he was with fellow Pinnacle exes FTR, and was rescued by Wardlow. So it will be interesting to see what Shawn’s relationship is with Friedman when they do cross paths. Seeing as his opponent on Friday — Jungle Jack Perry — is one of the men feuding with World champ MJF, it might not take long for that to happen.

Glad The Chairman The Perfect Ten is back?

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