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Wardlow returns to repay Powerhouse Hobbs & QTV for stealing TNT title (UPDATED)

Wardlow had his car broken into after Revolution, and the TNT championship he’d just reclaimed from Samoa Joe was stolen. That either was an angle or got turned into one. It definitely led to a very short reign, as Powerhouse Hobbs defeated him days later — with the help of QT Marshall.

Marshall and his TMZ-inspired QTV crew took credit for the break in, and bragged about the custom car they bought Hobbs. Hobbs showed up for his April 12 title defense against Silas Young in said car... and if you’ve watched much pro wrestling in your life, you may have guessed where this was going.

Sure enough, after Powerhouse squashed Young, this showed up on the big screen:

Wardlow wasn’t content to just total the champ’s ride with a pipe and a forklift, either. With the QTV team marching up the ramp, he showed up on the stage to brawl with Hobbs. It ended up being Aaron Solow who got the worst of it, powerbombed through some tables on the floor.

Ready for more Hobbs vs. Wardlow?

UPDATE: Well, you won’t have to wait long, because they’ll be facing off with the TNT title on the line next Wednesday (April 19) on Dynamite!

Get complete results and coverage of everything from this week’s Dynamite here.

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