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Bryan Danielson is going home

Bryan Danielson wrestled against AEW World Champion MJF for over 60 minutes in an Iron Man match this past weekend at Revolution 2023. MJF cheated to win at the end, smashing Bryan in the head with an oxygen tank before forcing him to tap out in the LeBell Lock.

On last night’s (Mar. 8) episode of Dynamite, AEW aired the following promo from the American Dragon that was recorded shortly after the match ended at Revolution. It’s a captivating promo that provides a heartbreaking explanation for Bryan’s decision to tap out.

Danielson explains that when he regained consciousness after being hit with the oxygen tank, he found himself locked in the submission hold. And while every instinct in his body said to just keep on fighting, he realized that he couldn’t feel his arms, and his left leg was zapped of all of its strength. He thought about what MJF said about Bryan putting himself before his family and never being able to play with his kids again. He realized that MJF was right, and that made him feel more ashamed than anything else.

It sounds like Danielson is considering retirement again when he concludes that, “It’s time for me to go home.”

When do you think we’ll see Bryan Danielson back in AEW, Cagesiders?

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