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Jon Moxley and Hangman Page engaged in a violent fight known as Texas Death at Revolution. The result was Hangman hanging Moxley over the ropes with a steel chain. Even though Moxley lost the match, it seems that he will have the last laugh in the feud.

Moxley reflected on the match in the latest ‘Road to’ video. He delivered another great promo as only he can.

Jon Moxley: (Hearty chuckle.) Hangman Page, welcome to the big leagues. You finally got a taste of the edge tonight, and you didn’t freak out. You lived in it. You embraced it. You won your little match tonight. Big deal (sarcastic tone).

See, I have have been so far to the edge, I’ve been on the edge for so many years, so far on the edge to a place where most people don’t come back from. Do you know how many times I’ve almost died for this business? You realize that a year and a half ago I had to give up professional wrestling? I had give it all up? I had to walk away from it all. I had to decide if I was going to live my life, if I was going to raise my daughter. I can’t have both, and I gave it up.

I have nothing to lose. I am absolutely incorruptible of soul. And I am absolutely mind, body, spirit INDESTRUCTIBLE!

Compare that response to Hangman’s passionate speech on the go-home episode of Dynamite.

Hangman vowed to take everything away from Moxley, and it turns out that he took almost nothing away from his rival. It’s debatable whether Hangman even took Moxley’s spot at the top of the food chain. One big win, and Moxley is back in the thick of things. Hangman viewed winning this match as his last glimmer of hope. Meanwhile, Moxley laughed off his loss. That was definitely not the reaction of someone losing his pride. It wouldn’t be surprising if Moxley’s lack of sadness eats at Hangman, who is very fragile in the feelings department. That’s why I say Moxley had the last laugh.

It could be argued that Moxley buried the value of Hangman’s win, but I wouldn’t go that far. This is Moxley’s way of dusting himself off and maintaining his top guy status. In a way, that helps raise Hangman in the pecking order. If Moxley slides down, then the cowboy’s win is less impressive. As for Hangman, it is up to AEW to capitalize on the momentum he earned in Texas Death.

What’s your reaction to Jon Moxley’s promo?

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