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Tony Khan comments on potential free agents Mercedes Moné, Kenny Omega

AEW’s YouTube

As usual, the final portion of AEW’s post-PPV media scrum this morning (Mar. 6) was handled solo by Tony Khan.

The owner/president/head of creative ran through some numbers related to the Revolution PPV show, and one of other wrestling businesses:

• PPV buys for Sunday’s show are trending toward the 130-140K range, which would surpass the number done by last November’s Full Gear.

• Revolution wasn’t a sellout, but did set a record for the event. With roughly 9,000 people in the building — more than 8K of which were paid — the show should end up with a gate of around $800K. Khan said that would also be a record for the city of San Francisco.

• With the debut of ROH TV this past week, Ring of Honor’s Honor Club streaming service hit 12,000 subscribers. He said that matches Honor Club’s peak, which they previously hit around the time ROH ran G1 Supercard at Madison Square Garden with New Japan back in 2019. They did this “basically from scratch” after relaunching the Honor Club app.

Speaking of ROH, several questions dealt with finding television time for the roster Khan’s assembled at his two brands. TK brought up his partnerships with promotions like New Japan, saying talent signed with him can get exposure on their shows, and also that those company’s wrestlers would allow him to create more hours of wrestling programming — if anyone asked for that. Based on how pleased Khan says Warner Bros Discovery was to the announcement of AEW’s new reality show All Access, it sounds like he thinks someone might ask:

“I would love to have more hours of wrestling television. It’s great that we have AEW All Access, which is huge for the company and a big opportunity to get that real estate following Dynamite, and I think we’ll have a good audience flow from Dynamite into All Access, it was a lot of positive feedback about that announcement. I know the network is very excited about how much engagement there was about All Access....

“We absolutely have the capacity to do more, and more TV if that opportunity presented itself, and I think there is demand for it... I do think we definitely could, if called upon, we could definitely present more really quality television with the roster we’re building.”

Regarding the roster, Khan was asked about (possibly AEW encouraged) speculation the company was bringing in Mercedes Moné (fka Sasha Banks) earlier this year. He didn’t refer to her by name out of respect for her current employers, but didn’t shut the door on the idea:

“I have a ton of respect for the IWGP Women’s World Champion, she’s a tremendous wrestler. I wouldn’t want to comment on discussions I’ve had with any wrestler who is a free agent — in particular, a wrestler who is a champion of one of our partners. But a ton of respect for that great wrestler, and that’s somebody any wrestling company would be very fortunate to have wrestling for them.”

Asked about reports of Kenny Omega’s contract ending soon, and another company’s interest in signing him, Khan gave a similar cordial non-answer:

“I think Kenny Omega’s one of the best wrestlers in AEW history, he’s one of the most decorated wrestlers... he’s done everything you can do as a world champion in this company... this year alone he’s had some of the best matches in the world... Kenny Omega can do anything he sets his mind to, and I hope he’s here for a very long time.”

Khan had little in the way of updates about one thing Omega set his mind to —the AEW Fight Forever video game, which still doesn’t have a release date. He was also asked for details about AEW’s announcement they’ll debut in the United Kingdom this year, but could only say that it will happen in 2023, and that they’ll be in London.

Check out the entire scrum, which also featured lots of MJF, and a little Ricky Starks & Wardlow too, right here.

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