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AEW Revolution 2023 results: Hangman beat Mox at his own game

As soon as AEW booked a Jon Moxley vs. Hangman Page Texas Death Match for Mar. 5’s Revolution PPV, people started speculating about how much blood the two men would spill.

On the Muta scale, this one actually wasn’t too bad. But that didn’t mean it wasn’t gnarly.

The Mox/Page feud earned a violent stipulation like Texas Death — a no disqualifications affair that can only be won by knockout or failure to answer a ten count. Over three matches, Moxley is up 2-1, but both men have missed time due to injuries the other inflicted.

Tony Khan pulled out all the stops for it, too. Hangman got a licensed tune for his entrance, The Outlaws’ “(Ghost) Riders In The Sky”.

He didn’t let Mox enjoy “Wild Thing”, though, attacking him before he’d finished his entrance through the crowd. It wasn’t long after that both men were busted open courtesy of a fork Moxley had in his pants...

... and barbed wire littered the ring. The two men used it inventive ways, including when Page wrapped it around his torso and hit Mox with a moonsault.

Clearly brainstorming this one for weeks, Moxley had several more tricks up his sleeve. He smashed Hangman’s right hand between two bricks, then dropped him onto a thick steel chain with a piledriver.

A chair wrapped in barbed wire was central to a lot of the violence — submissions were applied on it, and Page dropped Mox headfirst on it with Deadeye.

Mox got dropped on a wire covered board at ringside, and after they raked each other over with barbed wire, Page was sent flying off the top rope through a second board covered in it on the floor.

Frustrated that didn’t keep Page down for ten, Mox stomped Page onto the bricks (drawing a funny sing-a-long of his old Shield partner Seth Rollins’ theme song from the San Francisco crowd), but the Cowboy still wouldn’t stay down.

Hangman continued to use the implements Mox brought into the ring to finish him off. A brick to the face only got Page the double bird, so he delivered his Buckshot Lariat with the chain. When that didn’t put him down, Hangman reminded the world how he got that name, hanging him over the top rope with the chain until Moxley was forced to tap.

Probably no real winners here, as they say, but Hangman has to feel vindicated. Mox was helped out through the crowd by his Blackpool Combat Club teammates Claudio Castagnoli & Wheeler Yuta.

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