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AEW Revolution 2023 predictions

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All Elite Wrestling is putting on their Revolution PPV Sunday night (Mar. 5, 2023) at San Francisco’s Chase Center.

After a free streaming pre-show which starts one hour earlier, the event starts at 8PM Eastern, and can be purchased on Bleacher Report (and traditional PPV) in the U.S. & Canada, or internationally on Fite.

The fourth annual Revolution is AEW’s first PPV with MJF as World champion. We know our motley crew will be paying attention. They’re definitely ready to give thoughts & predictions on everything booked for the show!

Let's get to it.


MJF (c) vs. Bryan Danielson in a 60 minute Iron Man match for the AEW World championship

Sean Rueter: I’d probably call an audible and put the belt on a veteran who would have regular matches designed to show off AEW’s talented roster, while working to set the young phenom up for his next run with the belt. But I think the people who’ll actually be making that call are committed to the “bidding war of 2024” story, so instead of winning the Dragon will try to do for Max what he tried to do for Hangman. Pick: MJF

Claire Elizabeth: Danielson has been right this entire time, and instead of stepping up and proving why he should be champion, MJF has given us a grab bag of alternating sob stories and sociopathy. The pure and simple fact of it is is that Maxwell Jacob Friedman cannot hang for sixty minutes with the American Dragon. Pick: “American Dragon” Bryan Danielson

Cain A. Knight: AEW’s main event scene needs a spark, which means Tony Khan should be open to the idea of taking the title off of MJF, but I’m pretty sure that won’t be happening any time soon. Pick: MJF

Manolo H. Pizzazz: If Danielson can earn an early lead, MJF will panic. There’s only so many ways MJF will be able to cheat. If that fails, then MJF will crumble. Pick: Bryan Danielson

Marcus Benjamin: You know what? I’m picking Bryan. Normally I think it’s crazy picking against the champ in their first big matchup against a big-named challenger. What Kyle says beneath me is usually correct in the young champ getting a W over very tough competition. However, AEW needs an infusion and I think Bryan as champ gives it that. MJF gets his day in the sun again, possibly under a different alignment. But for now, let’s switch sides like water rides. Pick: Bryan Danielson

Kyle Decker: It should be Bryan Danielson. I’m underwhelmed with MJF’s reign, and great as he is on the mic, I’m a bit over his current character. Bryan should win and they should change up MJF — whatever they choose, he’ll make work. But I think it’s way more likely that they continue to use Bryan as the credible first win for a young champion. Pick: MJF

The Elite (c) vs. House of Black for the AEW Trios titles

Sean Rueter: The goal was for Kenny Omega & The Young Bucks to be the first champs. Then once Brawl Out happened, they needed to be re-established as champs with something that helped us forget about chair-throwing, biting, and doggy dental issues. Both those things have been accomplished, so... Pick: House of Black

Claire Elizabeth: I struggle to think of acts I am less interested in seeing do matches for the sake of matches than the Elite, and maybe a loss to the House of Black can give them an actual story to chew on instead of best-of-sevens sweeping dust under rugs. Pick: House of Black

Cain A. Knight: There isn’t much to this story other than lights going on and off, so a title change doesn’t really seem warranted. Pick: The Elite

Manolo H. Pizzazz: It’s time to put up or shut up for the House of Black. All those spooky riddles will mean nothing if they can’t get the job done here. Malakai Black, Brody King, and Buddy Matthews are bigger, stronger, and equally athletic as the Elite. If the House of Black loses, the doctor will have to check if they’re missing heart. That is one aspect the Elite have no questions about. Pick: House of Black

Marcus Benjamin: I really want House of Black to get this. The Elite don’t need these belts. Truthfully, they don’t need belts at all. House of Black needs some credibility and reasons for excitement other than potential. Pick: House of Black

Kyle Decker: There’s no reason to think they’ll make a change here. Not when the story has been “Suddenly, House of Black appears.” Pick: The Elite

Jamie Hayter (c) vs. Saraya vs. Ruby Soho for the AEW Women’s championship

Sean Rueter: Really wish Shida was involved in this, since she was central to Saraya & Toni Storm’s turning in the first place, and is just really good at pro wrestling. As currently configured, I expect shenanigans, but not a title change. Pick: Jamie Hayter

Claire Elizabeth: I’m with Sean on this one— it’s gonna get funky and there’s gonna be at least one ref bump, but Jamie Hayter’s gonna be holding that title up at the end of the night. Pick: Jamie Hayter

Cain A. Knight: Saraya’s heel turn is just getting going, and AEW is paying her big bucks. Might as well put the belt on her and see what she can do with it. Pick: Saraya

Manolo H. Pizzazz: In Dr. Britt Baker DMD, Hayter trusts. Pick: Jamie Hayter

Marcus Benjamin: I’m not picking against Jamie Hayter right now. If anything, this solidifies her run. Pick: Jamie Hayter

Kyle Decker: Triple threat matches like these often end with the champion retaining. If Saraya wins the title someday, I think it’ll be in a one-on-one match. Pick: Jamie Hayter

The Gunns (c) vs. The Acclaimed vs. Jeff Jarrett & Jay Lethal vs. Orange Cassidy & Danhausen for the AEW Tag Team titles

Sean Rueter: Because I’m surprised neither has won a title in AEW yet, I’m gonna keep picking them any time they’re in a championship match until they have. Pick: Jeff Jarrett & Jay Lethal

Claire Elizabeth: Everyone loves the Acclaimed, let’s go! Pick: The Acclaimed

Cain A. Knight: The Gunns have always come off like a couple of jabronis to me, and that hasn’t changed now that they are the tag team champions. That being said, a multi-team match isn’t the best spot to have them drop the belts, especially this early in their run. Pick: The Gunns

Manolo H. Pizzazz: For a match style this chaotic, it will come down to who can take advantage when it matters most. Jarrett and Lethal have more years in the ring combined than everyone else in this match added together. They will find a way to cheat the win. Pick: Jeff Jarrett & Jay Lethal

Marcus Benjamin: I hope this match is as fun as it sounds on paper. I feel like The Acclaimed need a change of pace as well, so maybe getting the titles off their waists and putting them in chase mode for a while works better for them over the summer. Pick: The Gunns

Kyle Decker: If the women’s triple threat is an easy way to keep the title on Jamie, this fatal 4-way does the same for the Gunns. Even more so. Though I’m starting to pull for a Jeff Jarrett title reign. Pick: The Gunns

Jon Moxley vs. Hangman Page in a Texas Death Match

Sean Rueter: Surprisingly enough, Mox has a losing record in Death Matches since leaving WWE. That’s probably not terribly relevant, though. What is is how Blackpool Combat Club (Danielson excluded) has slowly been turning heel. Lots of chances for a guy who’s willing to bend the rules AND has a couple teammates to beat a guy who seems to have run off all his friends. Pick: Jon Moxley

Claire Elizabeth: I just want this to be a DEATHmatch, emphasis on the death, without any ten count shenanigans. Gimme some ultraviolence and gimme some blood, boys, but since I have to pick, I want Team Friendship to come out ahead. Do it for Uno, Hangman! Pick: “Hangman” Adam Page

Cain A. Knight: This is a tough one to predict. Mox is probably turning heel along with Claudio and Wheeler, so maybe a loss here speeds up that process and really sends him over the edge. Pick: Hangman Page

Manolo H. Pizzazz: Moxley is cool, calm, and collected in the face of violence. Hangman is prone to being overwhelmed by emotion. That weakness will do the cowboy in. Pick: Jon Moxley

Marcus Benjamin: So, one or both of these cats dies tonight, right? I keep picking against Mox thinking about the “vacation” he never took. But I’m done going with logic and just picking with my heart. Pick: Jon Moxley

Kyle Decker: I think Hangman benefits more from the win but I think TK has the true company man in Mox go over. Pick: Jon Moxley

Samoa Joe (c) vs. Wardlow for the TNT title

Sean Rueter: You can’t tell that story about your hair and your deceased father and lose, right? Plus, with Hobbs waiting in the wings, a babyface champ makes sense. Pick: Wardlow

Claire Elizabeth: Yeah, babyface with a stirring story about his dad wins, plus since Powerhouse Hobbs has next and ROH TV needs the King of Television... Pick: Wardlow

Cain A. Knight: Wardlow hasn’t wrestled on TV since Joe beat him and cut his hair in December, so it would be surprising if his return ends in defeat. Pick: Wardlow

Manolo H. Pizzazz: Joe is too smart not to have a plan. Wardlow won’t be smart enough to overcome. Pick: Samoa Joe

Marcus Benjamin: Samoa Joe made and keeps making Wardlow’s life miserable. Wardlow’s revenge happens tonight because there’s only but so many times they can heat him up before the audience completely cools on him. Pick: Wardlow

Kyle Decker: There are no other titles I see changing hands and Wardlow should get his comeuppance. Pick: Wardlow

Chris Jericho vs. Ricky Starks

Sean Rueter: This feels too soon for a Jericho feud to be over, and if Starks wins again here, it has to be over. Ergo... Pick: Chris Jericho

Claire Elizabeth: Please for the love of god, just put a man over and let him continue to be put over, Chris. Pick: Ricky Starks

Cain A. Knight: Peter Avalon just had his way with Chris Jericho on Dynamite, so Starks should be the heavy favorite. Pick: Ricky Starks

Manolo H. Pizzazz: This feud still has eight more months of life to it, whether you like it or not. Jericho gets his win back by hook or by crook. Pick: Chris Jericho

Marcus Benjamin: RICKY STARKS! Look, dammit, this better be the move here because if not, what are we here for? This elevates Ricky and I will dance divinely when it happens. Pick: Ricky Starks

Kyle Decker: I love that this story is Starks beats Jericho. Then has to earn another chance to beat Jericho. Jericho costs him that chance but then gives him a chance to beat him again. Real booker of the year stuff right here. Pick: Ricky Starks

Jungle Jack Perry vs. Christian Cage in The Final Burial

Sean Rueter: I started to factor in a Luchasaurus return, then realized I don’t even know who he’d side with if he did show up. The point of this was always to put JJP over, and it’s hard to raise the stakes higher than a buried alive match. Time to do it. Pick: Jungle Jack Perry

Claire Elizabeth: There is no way this ends with anything other than Jack Perry standing tall and finally becoming a Jungle Man. Pick: “Jungle Man” Jack Perry

Cain A. Knight: It’s kind of strange for Christian to return to AEW only to presumably go away for a while to sell being murdered here, but Boy really needs this win. Pick: Jungle Boy

Manolo H. Pizzazz: Jungle Boy would be wise to pick a gravesite near some trees. That gives him the natural advantage due to his tree-swinging ability. Pick: Jungle Boy

Marcus Benjamin: Much like Ricky, Jungle Jack better get the W here. As much as I love and appreciate heel Christian, his time is up. And Jack comes out looking 100 percent better as a result. Pick: Jungle Jack Perry

Kyle Decker: The name of the match has ‘final’ in it and Boy should win in the end. Pick: Jungle Jack Perry

Mark Briscoe & Lucha Bros vs. Ari Daivari & Varsity Athletes

Sean Rueter: I get a little verklempt every time I think about Mark kicking off his post-Jay career alongside another set of brothers. Pick: Mark Briscoe & Lucha Bros

Claire Elizabeth: C’mon, this one’s easy. Pick: Lucha Brothers & Mark Briscoe

Cain A. Knight: On paper, this looks like one of those squash matches from Dark. Pick: Mark Briscoe & Lucha Bros

Manolo H. Pizzazz: Brothers. Pick: Mark Briscoe & Lucha Bros

Marcus Benjamin: Not even writing more words to this. Pick: Mark Briscoe & Lucha Bros.

Kyle Decker: C’mon now. Pick: Mark Briscoe & the Lucha Bros

That's who we've got. Who are you taking, Cagesiders?

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