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Fuego del Sol fractured his foot in five places

Fuego del Sol’s flame may be low at the moment, but the fire never dies within his spirit. The masked AEW wrestler experienced a tough break on the indie scene. Five tough breaks to be exact. Fuego revealed that he fractured his foot in five different places.

The injury occurred last week. Fuego explained that the freak accident happened during a dropkick. Fuego hit the move, then another wrestler fell on top of his right foot. Despite the pain, he still finished the match, boarded his flight, and drove home. Doctors informed Fuego that he suffered a dislocation and it popped back in during the match.

Additional testing revealed that Fuego has five fractures in his foot.

Injury Update…

With the original x-rays, last week after they confirmed the dislocation of my right foot, they believed I only had one minor fracture.

After the CT scan upon further examination, today they determined I actually fractured my foot in 5 DIFFERENT PLACES, the doctor told me that the fact I finished the match was unbelievable. Adrenaline is a hell of a drug!

Now let’s talk about the big thing, ligament damage. The orthopedic said the main ligament around my Lisfranc bone is a little displaced but not completely separated. So now I have to go see a foot specialist to determine if it needs surgery or if it can heal on its own. If it can heal on its own the recovery is 6-8 weeks because all my bones are in the right spots and the fractures just need time to heal, BUT if I need surgery it could be 3 months. So expect another update within the next week, I’m hoping for the best.

Not the news we wanted. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a little frustrated. Focusing on my recovery and advancing my non-physical ventures like, twitch, YouTube, tiktok, IG and content of the likes to keep me busy and my mind off this. Any love and support sent my way is appreciated immensely!

Fuego posted a clip to show how the injury came about.

Footage of how I fractured my foot in 5 places…

I hit the drop kick and my opponent fell much faster than I anticipated and at an angle in which he was in my landing zone.

In the last angle you can see I try to catch myself to avoid coming down on top of him and have his knee go into my groin, but in turn my foot dislocates. It’s wrestling, freak accidents happen. The old saying goes “it ain’t ballet” and it applies double here because you can’t expect to land on your toes like a ballerina. Now it’s time to recover.

None of that has stopped Fuego from hitting the gym.

Fuego is making the most of his newly found free time by starting a Patreon.

Join us in sending positive vibes to Fuego del Sol for a healthy recovery. He’ll need two strong feet to play with Fuego 2, Son of Fuego.

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