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Eddie Kingston quit AEW to get away from disgusting egomaniacs

Eddie Kingston shocked the wrestling world when he abruptly quit AEW. It was even more shocking to see him pop up the next evening in ROH for the debut of ROH TV on Honor Club, that is for viewers who weren’t aware of the ROH spoilers that were already floating around. Kingston declared his intention to compete for the ROH World Championship and beat Claudio Castagnoli’s ass in the process.

Kingston shed more light on his motivation to exit AEW. He blurred the lines with a spicy comment about snakes, liars, and egomaniacs.

Kingston doubled down aggressively with a message for the boys in the back who didn’t like it.

It would be easy to jump the gun and assume Kingston is shooting. There was a lot of backstage posturing and fisticuffs in real life over the past year. Kingston himself was involved in a scuffle with Sammy Guevara that led to the Mad King’s suspension.

Kingston let that first tweet simmer for 90 minutes before adding more context.

Kingston specifically pointed the finger at Ortiz, which is an active storyline in AEW. The two were last seen on screen brawling during the Face of the Revolution ladder match on Wednesday night Dynamite.

And therein lies the sweet blending between reality and story. The beauty is that Kingston’s first comment can be taken either way. It is easy to believe a bristly peach like the Mad King would be discontent with his current work situation. He’s not one to hold back on airing his feelings. It’s also easy to weave it as a story when Kingston had to deal with CM Punk, Chris Jericho, and Malakai Black getting under his skin on screen. Even swell fellow Claudio ‘stole’ Kingston’s moment of glory by submitting Daddy Magic to win Blood & Guts before Kingston could tap out Jericho. Add in the shattered relationship with Ortiz, and Kingston was left with nowhere to turn to escape the toxicity of AEW.

Don’t cry for the Sad King. He can be his own worst enemy at times, such as a lack of discipline. Heck, Ortiz had harsh words for Kingston that cut deep to the core.

What percentage do you rate Kingston’s statement in the shoot/work scale?

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